Announcing a new website for the Clarion Review!

The Clarion Review, a journal examining contemporary culture through prose and poetry, and published by AOI, just launched their new website. Now you can enjoy Clarion in print and on the web. Clarion offers lively content, incisive commentary, and features essays by established and new authors, including:

Roger Scruton, philosopher & farmer, tells us in Turning Cows into Ideas how to make farms profitable even if no one buys a thing.

Peter Augustine Lawler, ethicist and critic, writes about how caring for the old competes with our work-a-day society’s love of freedom and laboring in Aging, Individualism, and Our Middle-Class Dreams.

Nota Bene — Other articles of interest:

Vigen Guroian on Flannery O’Connor’s Iconographic Fiction and Christian humanism.
Stephen Gatlin deciphers Francis Collins’ chatter about God.
T.L. Reed’s short story "Weight on Lilies" depicts aging and things left undone.
Bart Fleuren finds the endangered species Homo Economus Christianus in some Third Ways.
Adrienne Su’s poem "Fear of Flying" reminds us of what we know we know.
Read the announcement of Clarion’s Web launch on Christian Newswire.