John G. Panagiotou is the first Orthodox Christian Theologian to Receive a Doctorate at Erskine Theological Seminary

John G. Panagiotou became the first Orthodox Christian theologian to receive a doctorate at Erskine Theological Seminary on May 4, 2019, in it’s 182 year history. Dr. Panagiotou resides in Charleston, South Carolina, and his doctoral dissertation is titled “The Path to Oikonomia with Jesus Christ as Our Lighthouse: A Study in the Theology of Christian Stewardship.”

Founded in 1837, Erskine Seminary is an institution affiliated with the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church which was the denomination that Billy Graham grew up in.


  1. Is this institute still active? I have an important question to ask. It is about baptism of a transgender person that happened in Montenegro.
    May I email you?

  2. William Congdon says

    Congratulations, Fr. John! Well deserved!

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