A Public Statement on Orthodox Deaconesses by Concerned Clergy and Laity

Originally this petition was a response to the ostensible ordaining of Deaconesses by the Patriarch of Alexandria. Subsequent investigation revealed it was not an ordination at all but a kind of provisional blessing of women who served the Church. Nevertheless, despite the misinformation (or perhaps because of it), many concerned clergy and laity opposed the movement because it is poorly informed and politically driven.

Another attempt to resuscitate the question is being made by the Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarch, the same organization that gave a human rights award to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the notorious abortion activist who advocates the killing of the unborn up to the moment of birth.

The moral illiteracy exhibited in giving Governor Cuomo a human rights award should give anyone pause about this most recent effort by the Archons. We should also remember that all other Christian communions that have ordained deaconesses and priestesses have for the most part collapsed.

The question asked about ordaining women to the office of deacon is “Has the time come?” The answer according to over 230 signers below is “No.” Feel free to add your signature if you agree.

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Press Release: Orthodox Clergy and Laity Take Stand against Deaconesses

January 15, 2018

WASHINGTON — Fifty-seven Orthodox Christian clergymen and lay leaders, including the heads of two leading Orthodox seminaries in the U.S., have issued a public statement calling on church leaders to defend Orthodox teaching on the creation and calling of man as male and female by opposing the appointment of deaconesses in the Orthodox Church.

The statement comes in response to a public statement issued in October by nine Orthodox liturgical scholars in the U.S. and Greece, expressing support for the Patriarchate of Alexandria’s November 2016 decision to “restore” the ancient order of deaconesses and its February 2017 appointment of deaconesses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Roman Catholic Church has also taken the first step toward the appointment of deaconesses with Pope Francis’s 2016 establishment of a commission to study the issue. That commission is headed by Archbishop Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Half of the commission’s members are women. One of them, Phyllis Zagano, professor of religion at Hofstra University, is a well-known advocate of deaconesses.

Several Protestant churches, including Anglicans, Lutherans, Methodists, and Presbyterians, began appointing women as deaconesses in the nineteenth century. Most have since ordained women to all higher orders such as priest and bishop.

The statement by the Orthodox opponents of deaconesses takes issue with the liturgists’ representation of the place of deaconesses in Orthodox tradition and raises serious doctrinal issues relating to the appointment of deaconesses. It also questions whether Alexandria’s appointment of deaconess in the Congo revived an ancient order or instituted a new order with an old name.

The signers include 35 priests and seven deacons, as well as 15 laity (including four women) who are college professors or journal editors. They belong to seven Orthodox jurisdictions: the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America (AOCANA), the Ecumenical Patriarchate (in the United Kingdom), the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOAA), the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria (Africa), the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR), and Mt. Athos in Greece.

For more information, contact Protodeacon Brian Patrick Mitchell at protodeaconpatrick@gmail.com.

A Public Statement on Orthodox Deaconesses by Concerned Clergy and Laity

The Patriarchate of Alexandria’s appointment of six “deaconesses” in the Congo in February 2017 has prompted calls in some corners for other local churches to follow suit. In particular, a group of Orthodox liturgical scholars has issued an open statement of support for Alexandria, declaring that the “restoration of the female diaconate is such that neither doctrinal issues nor authoritative precedents are at stake.”1

We, the undersigned clergy and laity, beg to differ and are writing now with three purposes: to question what was accomplished in the Congo, to clarify the historical record on the place of deaconesses in Orthodox tradition, and to point out the serious doctrinal issues raised by the appointment of deaconesses.

First, as to what was accomplished in the Congo, we note that the Patriarch of Alexandria did not use the Byzantine rite of ordination for deaconesses.2 He laid hands [cheirothetisa] on one woman making her “Deaconess of the Mission” and then prayed over five other women using a “prayer for one entering ecclesiastical ministry,” a generic blessing in the Greek-language archieratikon for a layman starting church work. He did not bestow an orarion upon any of the women yet had the five women assist in washing his hands, as subdeacons would. All this was done not during the Divine Liturgy, as with an ordination, but at its end. These facts, plus anecdotal reports from Africa that these new deaconesses have been assigned the duties of readers, call into question the claim that what happened in the Congo was truly a “restoration of the female diaconate,” for their manner of making and assigned duties bear only partial resemblance to those of ancient deaconesses.

Second, what can be said with certainty about the historical presence, role, and status of deaconesses in the Orthodox Church is that setting apart women as deaconesses was just one of several ways the early Church sought to protect the modesty of women by entrusting certain women with certain duties such as assisting in baptizing and anointing adult women and visiting women in their homes where and when men were not permitted, strictly within the limits specified for women by the Holy Apostles in Holy Scripture. The duties and status of deaconesses varied with time and place, as did the way deaconesses were appointed. The same duties were also assigned to widows, laywomen, male clergy, or nuns, so the need for deaconesses did not exist universally. Much of the ancient Church never had deaconesses. Outside Syria, Anatolia, Greece, and Palestine, deaconesses were rare to nonexistent.3

Deaconesses were also not without controversy. Several local councils prohibited their appointment (Nîmes in 396; Orange in 441; Epaone in 517; Orleans in 533), and many texts testify to the concern of Church Fathers to minimize their role, sometimes in favor of widows. The order appears to have peaked in the fifth or sixth century, surviving mainly in major eastern cities as an honorary office for pious noblewomen, the wives of men made bishops, and the heads of female monastic communities. The twelfth-century canonist Theodore Balsamon wrote that the “deaconesses” in Constantinople in his day were not true deaconesses. A century later, St. Athanasius, Patriarch of Constantinople, ordered that no new deaconesses were to be made. Scattered proposals and attempts to appoint deaconesses again in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries did not receive enough support to cause a lasting revival of the order. Even now, other autocephalous Orthodox Churches have not rushed to follow the example of Alexandria.

Third, some blame resistance to deaconesses on a worldly, purely cultural prejudice against women, but that accusation treats the Church herself unfairly, even contemptuously, by ignoring legitimate prudential objections to the making of deaconesses motivated by genuine concern for the preservation of truly Christian and plainly Apostolic respect for the distinction of male and female, to which our post-Christian world is increasingly hostile.

The liturgists’ statement itself gives cause for such concern. Its argument for “reviving” the order of deaconess is not based on the needs of the women to be served by deaconesses—needs that somehow require ordination, needs that nuns, laywomen, laymen, or male clergy are not already meeting. Rather, the statement’s argument is based on the supposed need of women to be deaconesses. Making them deaconesses would be a “positive response” to the “contemporary world,” an “opportunity for qualified women to offer in our era their unique and special gifts,” and a “special way” to emphasize the “dignity of women and give recognition to her [sic] contribution to the work of the Church.”4 Such justifications denigrate the vocation of Orthodox laity, implying that only clerics serve the Church in meaningful ways, contrary to Orthodox belief that all Orthodox Christians receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit and a personal calling to serve the Church at Holy Chrismation.

The liturgists’ statement also makes clear that they do not intend a true “restoration” of the ancient order of deaconesses; their aim is a new order of clergywomen authorized to do things never done by Orthodox deaconesses and in some cases explicitly forbidden by Apostolic ordinance and Church canons. They would have women preach, which the Apostles and Fathers never allowed in church. They leave open the question of other liturgical duties, admitting no limitation that bishops must respect. They question which “qualities and qualifications” truly matter, doubting whether deaconesses must be mature and unmarried, despite the ancient rule, most forcefully insisted upon in the sixth century by St. Justinian as emperor, that deaconesses be at least middle-aged and remain celibate as deaconesses.5

The liturgists’ most ominous assertion is their subtle note, in anticipation of popular opposition, that “adequate preparation and education” are needed not of the women to be appointed deaconesses but “of the people who will be called upon to receive, honor, and respect the deaconesses assigned to their parishes.” Clearly, they foresee the need to force clergy and laity to accept deaconesses, which is hardly trusting of the Holy Spirit or respectful of the Orthodox Church’s traditional regard for episcopal authority.

In sum, the statement’s emphasis on gratifying women, disregarding tradition, and resorting to force gives evidence of a feminist perspective and approach consistent with the faithless western world but not with the Orthodox Church. More evidence of the liturgists’ perspective is available elsewhere. For example, two of the liturgists have called for the removal of Ephesians 5 from the Rite of Crowning on the grounds that it is inconsistent with modern thinking and therefore likely to be misunderstood. They suggest a different epistle or perhaps a sanitized version of Ephesians 5 without verse 33 (“Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence [phobetai, fear] her husband.”).6

Given this state of faith, we believe the appointment of deaconesses in any form in the present era is likely to divide the Church and distress the faithful by challenging the Church’s basic understanding of human nature. God has made every one of us either male or female and ordained that we live accordingly as either a man or a woman. He has also provided us with many authoritative precepts distinguishing men and women, in the Law, in the Holy Apostles, in the canons of the Church, and in the literature of our Holy Fathers, in passages too numerous to cite. But if laws and canons and precepts are not enough to turn us to repentance, God has given us two distinct models of perfected humanity, one male and one female: Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word of God, and His Most Pure Mother, the Theotokos, whose icons stand always before us in worship as reminders of what we are meant to be as men and women.

Yet there are advocates of deaconesses who wish to see women treated the same as men in the Church as in the world and who therefore use the rite of “ordination” (cheirotonia) of deaconesses in a handful of Byzantine service books to argue that deaconesses were once “major clergy.” These advocates covet the rank, honor, and authority of the clergy. Some would have deaconesses be just like deacons, only female. They would up-end the natural and economical order of male and female to raise women over men in the hierarchy of the Church. They would “ordain” women who are young, married, and with children, and they would give them a vocal role in worship and all the authority a deacon might exercise over men as well as women. The liturgists do not go that far, but their statement leaves open that possibility by either ignoring or questioning traditional limits on deaconesses, while stressing the exclusive prerogative of bishops to make of deaconesses what they will.

We cannot, therefore, take seriously the liturgists’ claim that “restoration of the female diaconate is such that neither doctrinal issues nor authoritative precedents are at stake.” Neither can we accept their assurances that deaconesses today will not lead to priestesses tomorrow, knowing where similar incremental innovations have led in heterodox communions. We also ought not to think only of what we ourselves might tolerate today. We must think generationally. Just as children who grow up in parishes with female readers are more likely to believe as adults that women should be deacons or deaconesses, so children who grow up in parishes with deaconesses will be more likely to believe as adults that women should be priests and bishops.

We therefore entreat all Orthodox hierarchs, other clergy, and theologians to uphold the dogmatic teaching of the Church concerning the creation and calling of man as male and female by resisting the divisive call to appoint deaconesses.


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4. The “positive response” and “special way” are from the report of the Inter-Orthodox Symposium in Rhodes in 1988 titled, “The Place of the Woman in the Orthodox Church and the Question of the Ordination of Women” (Istanbul: The Ecumenical Patriarchate, 1988), which the liturgists quote approvingly.

5. The minimum age for deaconesses changed several times over the years: The emperor St. Theodosius the Great set it at 60 in 390, the age the Apostle Paul set for enrolled widows in 1 Timothy 5:9, which St. Theodosius’s legislation mentioned. Canon 15 of Chalcedon lowered it to 40 in 451. St. Justinian’s Novella 6 raised it to 50 in 535, making an exception for women living in hermitages and having no contact with men. His Novella 123 lowered it to 40 again in 546, which Canon 14 of III Constantinople (in Trullo) confirmed in 692.

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A Public Statement on Orthodox Deaconesses by Concerned Clergy and Laity

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169Fr. Emilian HutnyanArchpriest, St. AndrewEastern Orthodox Church, Maple Heights, OH (OCA)Jan 22, 2018
168Deacon Joseph LicataDeacon. Orthodox Church in America ( Diocese of the South)Jan 20, 2018
167Archpriest Vasily GilbertOCA, Diocese of New EnglandJan 20, 2018
166Taras TikhomirovReader / OCAJan 20, 2018
165Byron Hendersonlayman, OCAJan 20, 2018
164Martin PaluchJan 20, 2018
163John ManutesDeacon-OCAJan 20, 2018
162Matushka Nancy GilbertSecretary, Board of Trustees, St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological SeminaryJan 20, 2018
161Christopher EncaperaUOC of the USAJan 20, 2018
160Fr. Andreas BlomArchangel Gabriel Orthodox Church (OCA), Ashland, ORJan 20, 2018
159Hieromonk Gregory ZaiensGreek Orthodox Archdiocese of AmericaJan 20, 2018
158Curtis CampbellJan 20, 2018
157Castrese TipaldiA Christian/ Latvian Metropolia of Moscow PatriarchateJan 20, 2018
156Catherine YurschakJan 19, 2018
155Gregg Gerasimon MD, FACC, FHRSColonel, Medical Corps, U.S. Army (ROCOR)Jan 19, 2018
154Methodius ChwastekSubdeacon ROCORJan 19, 2018
153Priest Joseph TownePh.D. (ROCOR)Jan 19, 2018
152Anne Breitenbach Jan 19, 2018
151Priest Simeon B. JohnsonOCA - DOWJan 19, 2018
150Rev. Fr. Matthew PenneyPhD (ABD)Jan 19, 2018
149Archpriest John Morris, Ph.D.Ardchpriest/ Antiochian Jan 19, 2018
148Helen TerryJan 19, 2018
147Dn. Andrew RubisAlbanian Orthodox Diocese of America (AODA)Jan 19, 2018
146Fr Jeremiah PhillipsAntiochian ArchdioceseJan 19, 2018
145Magdy BaiadyJan 19, 2018
144Gregory-Lazarus MurphyThe V. Rev. Fr./ St. Michael’s, Geneva, NY — AOCANAJan 19, 2018
143Laurel KovacsHoly Cross Orthodox Church (AOCANA), Linthicum, MarylandJan 19, 2018
142Alexandra Union, PhDOrthodox Clinical Psychologist Jan 19, 2018
141Archpriest George AjalatAOCANAJan 19, 2018
140Larissa SmaldinoJan 18, 2018
139Brian Van SickleLayman, OCA Diocese of the MidwestJan 18, 2018
138Ralph H. (Zosimas) SidwayDirector, North American Thebaid Project/OCAJan 18, 2018
137Archpriest Mark MancusoSt Elizabeth the New Martyr Orthodox Church, Columbia, SC, ROCORJan 18, 2018
136Protodeacon Timothy Wilkinson, Ph.D.Dean and Professor, Whitworth UniversityJan 18, 2018
135James CondraLayman, OCA Diocese of the SouthJan 18, 2018
134Fr. Christopher FoleyHoly Cross Orthodox Church OCAJan 18, 2018
133Archpriest Steven RitterAntiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of AmericaJan 18, 2018
132Alexandr CvejkusJan 18, 2018
131C. Clark Carlton, PhDAssistant Professor of PhilosophyJan 18, 2018
130Maria RichiusaJan 18, 2018
129Kathleen Webster20147Jan 18, 2018
128Father Andreas PapayiannisPresbyter, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of AmericaJan 18, 2018
127Deacon Gregory McFarlandSt Anthony the Great Bozeman MT (OCA)Jan 18, 2018
126Michael HammondLayman, Antiochian ArchdioceseJan 18, 2018
125Misha Penningtonlayman ROCORJan 18, 2018
124Gail SheppardSenior Project Manager Healthcare, AOCANAJan 18, 2018
123Ryan ScannellLayman, GOAAJan 18, 2018
122Paul KalamarasRev. Fr., PhDJan 18, 2018
121Mariah MaggardJan 18, 2018
120David PrestridgeROCORJan 18, 2018
119Susi SchuchardGOA Metropolis of DenverJan 18, 2018
118George LuimesReader, Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary, ROCORJan 17, 2018
117Christopher MattoxAntiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North AmericaJan 17, 2018
116G. Almedha MortonJan 17, 2018
115Valeria SajezJan 17, 2018
114Daniel KowalcheckReader, Holy Cross Orthodox Church (OCA) Winston-Salem, NCJan 17, 2018
113Sophocles FrangakisJan 17, 2018
112Ashley ColemanMother/homemaker, (AOCANA)Jan 17, 2018
111Kenneth GardnerDenver Greek ArchdioceseJan 17, 2018
110Greg Maggardlayman,parish council. OCA/DOWJan 17, 2018
109Edward AkiwumiROCORJan 17, 2018
108Archpriest Timothy Cremeens, PhDDean, Holy Resurrection Orthodox Cathedral (OCA) Wilkes-Barre, PAJan 17, 2018
107John WoolleyDeacon, AOCANAJan 17, 2018
106Fr. Peter DeFonceParish Priest, Saint Andrew Greek Orthodox Church (GOAA), Lubbock, TexasJan 17, 2018
105Julia ColeLayperson, Moscow PatriarchateJan 17, 2018
104Peter IssajenkoM6P 1X3Jan 17, 2018
103Helen KurtowROCORJan 17, 2018
102Michael BaumanLayman, Antiochian Archdiocease Jan 17, 2018
101V. Rev. Andrei AlexievROCOR, servicing St. John the Baptist Church, Black Lick, PA(OCA)Jan 17, 2018
100Fr. Maximos McIntyreHoly Protection Orthodox Mission (ROCOR)Jan 17, 2018
99Ezekiel VieagesHieromonk- rocorJan 17, 2018
98Mitred Archpriest Claude VinyardROCORJan 17, 2018
97Matthew MarkewichPriest, OCAJan 17, 2018
96Anna Plattelayperson, ROCORJan 17, 2018
95Albena DienerBulgarian Orthodox ChirchJan 17, 2018
94Kraig DienerJan 17, 2018
93Catherine LaquatraJan 17, 2018
92Michael LaquatraJan 17, 2018
91Lucine KouyoumjianAntiochianJan 17, 2018
90Joseph KouyoumjianSub deacon, Antiochian, Norwood, Mass.Jan 17, 2018
89John PlatteLayperson, ROCORJan 17, 2018
88Fr Thomas SorokaRector, St Nicholas Church (OCA), McKees Rocks/Pittsburgh PAJan 17, 2018
87Dr.Gerasimos Kambites M.D. FRCPCPsychiatristJan 17, 2018
86Archpriest David BarrAOCANAJan 17, 2018
85Joseph LoomisLayperson, AOCANAJan 17, 2018
84Fr. Steven WebbRector, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church (ROCOR)Jan 17, 2018
83Derek R. PillionJan 17, 2018
82Fr.Josef VON KlarrD.th.PriestDio.MidwestO.C.A.Jan 17, 2018
81Amy AsbillSt. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church, Chandler, AZ (GOAA)Jan 17, 2018
80Ana Sofia O'BrienJan 17, 2018
79Elizabeth BergJan 16, 2018
78James George JatrasJan 16, 2018
77Fr Michael LaffoonAOCANAJan 16, 2018
76Michael WoerlJan 16, 2018
75David BorgJan 16, 2018
74Deacon Nicholas ParkSt. Nicholas Orthodox Church, McKinney TX (ROCOR)Jan 16, 2018
73Sean ReidDeacon/OCAJan 16, 2018
72Mary LowellJan 16, 2018
71Presbytera Catherine HeersJan 16, 2018
70Peter PapoutsisLawyer and Translator of the Septuagint into English for The Holy Orthodox Bible GOAAJan 16, 2018
69Michael TocchiJan 16, 2018
68Lindsay BuhlerMother, Southern CaliforniaJan 16, 2018
67Paul TateJan 16, 2018
66Bethany TateJan 16, 2018
65Clifton D HealyJan 16, 2018
64 Paul Schellbach Archpriest Jan 16, 2018
63Nikos KyriakidisJan 16, 2018
62Alec HaapalaSOC - New Gracanica Midwestern DioceseJan 16, 2018
61Hadrian H Darmajuwana - LiemJan 16, 2018
60Michael CalabreseReader, ROCORJan 16, 2018
59Thomas W. (Ignatius) SingletonPresident Nehemiah FoundationJan 16, 2018
58Maximus ScottJan 16, 2018
57Daniel SpielmannJan 16, 2018
56Nichole BanksJan 16, 2018
55Protopresbyter Pancratios SandersJan 16, 2018
54Rdr. Demitri LikomitrosJan 16, 2018
53Gregory ParsellsJan 16, 2018
52John Press, Ph.D.Jan 16, 2018
51Joshua ReaganJan 16, 2018
50Konstantinos DotsikasJan 16, 2018
49Archpriest Michael Taratuchin Jan 16, 2018
48John NguyentanJan 16, 2018
47Dn. David MaliniakJan 16, 2018
46Archpriest Stefan WeertsJan 16, 2018
45Daniel WatkinsJan 16, 2018
44James BeltzJan 16, 2018
43Jesse DominickJan 16, 2018
42Basil PolivkaJan 16, 2018
41Rdr Michael ColemanJan 16, 2018
40Archimandrite MaximosJan 16, 2018
39Brenda RutledgeJan 16, 2018
38Subdeacon Michael RosslerJan 16, 2018
37Daniel JewellJan 16, 2018
36Kathleen JanikJan 16, 2018
35Michael JanikJan 16, 2018
34Anthony ChristianJan 16, 2018
33William BitsasJan 16, 2018
32Protodeacon Nicholas JannakosJan 16, 2018
31Elias Young, MDiv.Jan 16, 2018
30Father John KernJan 16, 2018
29Justin OlmsteadJan 16, 2018
28Bogdan C. Banescu, J.D.Jan 16, 2018
27Archimandrite Nektarios HardingJan 16, 2018
26Eric RussellJan 16, 2018
25Duane UptainJan 16, 2018
24Joyce MoralesJan 16, 2018
23Tanisha GoreJan 16, 2018
22Fr. Stephen LourieJan 16, 2018
21Edward Sullivan Jan 16, 2018
20Gloria CollinsJan 16, 2018
19Ronda WintheiserJan 16, 2018
18George MathewsJan 16, 2018
17Jeffrey SmithJan 16, 2018
16Sarah CattellJan 16, 2018
15Constantina Gaddis, Ph.D.Jan 16, 2018
14Alexandra Gaughan CampbellJan 16, 2018
13Archpriest Jonathan IvanoffJan 16, 2018
12Isidora (Rhonda) BurkettJan 16, 2018
11Fr. Cyprian CraigJan 16, 2018
10Lydia WilcoxJan 16, 2018
9Ian BuckmasterJan 16, 2018
8Connie KrahnJan 16, 2018
7Jessica BuckmasterJan 16, 2018
6Marjorie KunchJan 16, 2018
5Fr. Paul Girgis Jan 16, 2018
4Gregory (William) ManningJan 16, 2018
3Teresa A. PolychronisJan 16, 2018
2Hieromonk Joshua (Anna)Jan 16, 2018
1Fr. Aristibule AdamsJan 15, 2018