Chastity, Purity, Integrity: Orthodox Anthropology and Secular Culture in the 21st Century

This three-day conference focuses on the application of Orthodox teachings on anthropology and morality to contemporary challenges posed by secular American culture (even within the Church).

A Public Statement on Orthodox Deaconesses by Concerned Clergy and Laity

Thirty-nine Orthodox Christian clergymen and lay leaders, including the heads of two leading Orthodox seminaries in the U.S., have issued a public statement calling on church leaders to defend Orthodox teaching on the creation and calling of man as male and female by opposing the appointment of deaconesses in the Orthodox Church.

An Orthodox Appraisal of Political Correctness, Sexual Anarchy, Cultural Deconstruction and Conforming the Church to the World

Religion is the ground of culture and the ground that nourished Western Culture was Christianity. Christianity informed and shaped such things as personal and social values, anthropology (who and what man is), notions of justice, economic fair play, and other constituents that shaped the world in which we live. Today some of those constituents are under attack, especially in areas of human sexuality. Many Churches have succumbed to the liberal zeitgeist (Episcopal, Mainstream Protestants denominations, increasingly Roman Catholicism as well) and suffered decline and even collapse.

The Boy Scouts’ Bankruptcy Is Not Just Financial. It’s Moral

What’s left of the Boy Scouts of America (now operating as Scouts BSA) is on the brink of declaring bankruptcy, according to recent news reports. With estimated assets of more than $1 billion, Scouting’s problems go beyond the financial, deep into the problems with America’;s civil culture today.

What used to be an organization designed to help boys become men has now been re-fashioned in line with the new gnosticism of American culture, accepting LGTBQIA ideology, while abandoning its traditional ascetic position about sex and its opposition to atheism.

Pastoring Young Men into Manhood: Talk Given at the 2019 Touchstone Magazine Conference on Patriarchy

The following talk was given at the 2018 Touchstone Conference on “Patriarchy: Fatherhood and the Restoration of Culture” which drew together speakers from various traditions and disciplines to discuss how the assault on patriarchy is affecting culture.

Fr. Hans Jacobse shares his experiences in dealing with young men growing up under these assaults and what is necessary to restore them so that they can flourish.