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AXIOS! Seminary Pro Life Group Gears Up for Busy Year

AXIOS! AXIOS! AXIOS! The story about the St. Vladimir's Seminary Pro Life Group (below) gives me hope. The OCA has always been clear about the intrinsic, God-given, value of unborn life much to their credit. So have the Antiochians, ROCOR and every other jurisdiction. The moral tradition is quite clear: all human life holds inestimable value and when we devalue the life of one, then we devalue … [Read more...]

Bishop to Critics: Shut Up!

By John Couretas I listened to "Interview with Bishop Demetrios of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America" posted on AFR on Sept. 10, in which he talks about the Assembly of Bishops. If I had been assigned to write the headline for this podcast, it would have gone something like this: Bishop to Critics: Shut Up! The Chicago bishop says that the chief obstacle to the work of the … [Read more...]

A Movement to Restore Met. Jonah [VIDEO]

Apparently, a movement is gaining steam in the OCA to restore Metropolitan Jonah as evidenced by this video recently released on Youtube. To what position he should be restored isn't made clear but presumably it is Metropolitan of the OCA. This is an internal matter to the OCA of course and you can read more details on the Monomakhos blog. As before, I will not discuss the details about the OCA … [Read more...]

The Assembly of Bishops and the Devil in the Details

The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops issued a statement on their recent meeting in Chicago (read it on OCA News). Of particular interest are three statements on social issues: We recognize the tremendous social pressures to conform to secular standards, but we exhort you to stand firm and hold fast to the traditions that you were taught (2 Thess. 2.15) so that your light is not hidden … [Read more...]