Texas Orthodox Clergy Speak Out on Gay Marriage and the “Rebellion Against God’s Created Order”

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Gay Marriage and the Houston Gay Rights Ordinance

Source: Orthodox Clergy Association of Houston and Southeast Texas

We, the Orthodox clergy of Houston and Southeast Texas, are compelled by our responsibilities before God to speak out plainly against the rebellion against God’s created order that we see being waged on both the local and national level.

It is God who created the two sexes, and established marriage at the time of creation, as our Lord Jesus Christ tells us:

But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one flesh.What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder (Mark 10:6-10; cf. Genesis 1:27; 2:24; 5:2).

The so called “Houston Equal Rights Ordinance,” is nothing of the sort; but rather gives a man who wishes to consider himself a woman, on a given day, the right to use women’s restrooms in the city of Houston. Such a man need not have even had a “sex change” operation, or even dress like a woman, since “gender” is considered to be a state of the mind rather than a biological fact. After the City council approved this unjust law, Christians of all races, denominations, and political affiliations organized a petition drive, which resulted in far more than the required number of signatures to get the issue on the ballot. But Mayor Annise Parker, disregarding the law, simply chose to disregard the will of the people and their right to vote in accordance with the law. She also used the occasion to unconstitutionally subpoena the sermons and private pastoral correspondences of pastors who were not even a party to a lawsuit that is seeking to force the Mayor to simply obey the law and allow the citizens of the city of Houston their right to vote. We wish to express our support for the fight against this unjust law, and the unlawful actions of Mayor Annise Parker, and we call upon her to cease ignoring the will of the people — which she clearly knows does not support her actions, or else she would not fear leaving the matter to them.

The question of “gay marriage” is also before the Supreme Court, and it is feared that they will impose “gay marriage” on the entire United States. We want our parishioners, fellow citizens, political leaders, and our nation’s judges to know that if this is done, it will be a violation of the letter and the spirit of the United States Constitution. More importantly, it will be an act of rebellion against “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” We have laws respecting marriage because only heterosexual relationships are capable of producing children, and those children are best provided for and properly raised within the context of traditional marriage. Homosexual relationships cannot possibly produce children, and so cannot possibly fit the meaning of the word “marriage,” neither should the state concern itself with recognizing such relationships. Homosexual couples also cannot provide both a mother and a father to a child, and so should not be allowed to adopt children.

The Declaration of Independence correctly states that our rights come from God, not from the state. The state can either justly protect those rights, or unjustly violate them. No government, much less an unelected court, can justly proclaim something to be a right which violates God’s natural order. The only way society can accommodate the demands of homosexual activists to call their relationships “marriage” and to allow everyone to pick which restroom they desire, is to ignore that men and women are different and have unique characteristics, and to pretend that there is no difference between a mother and a father. This can only be accomplished if we all deny that which we know to be true, and “suppress the truth in unrighteousness” (Romans 1:18).

Let it be known that we will never recognize such laws or judicial decrees to be either right or just, nor will we be intimidated into silence, but will continue to obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29), and proclaim the whole council of God on these issues (Acts 20:27).

V. Rev. Fr. Serge Veselinovich, Ss. Constantine and Helen Serbian Orthodox Church, Galveston, Texas
V. Rev. Fr. Dejan Tiosavljevic, St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church, Cypress, Texas
V. Rev. Fr. Gabriel Karam, Holy Forty Martyrs Antiochian Orthodox Church, Sugarland, Texas
V. Rev. Fr. Joseph Huneycutt, St. Joseph Antiochian Orthodox Church, Houston, Texas
V. Rev, Fr. Anastasios Raptis, St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church, Houston, Texas
V. Rev. Fr. John Whiteford, St. Jonah Orthodox Church (ROCOR), Spring Texas
Hieromonk John (Anderson), St. Cyril Orthodox Church (OCA), The Woodlands, Texas
Rev. Fr. Lubomir Kupec, St. Vladimir Russian Orthodox Church (ROCOR), Houston, Texas
Rev. Fr. Cassian Sibley, Life-Giving Spring Orthodox Church (ROCOR), Bryan, Texas
Rev. Fr. Michael J. Lambakis, Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Houston, Texas
Rev. Fr. James Shadid, St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church, Houston, Texas
Rev. Fr. Richard Petranek, St. Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church, Katy, Texas
Rev. Fr. Demetrios Tagaropulos. Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Houston, Texas
Rev. Fr. Anthony Baba, St. Anthony Antiochian Orthodox Church, Spring, Texas
Rev. Fr. Symeon Kees, St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church, Houston, Texas
Rev. Fr. Benigno Pardo, St. Jonah Orthodox Church (ROCOR), Spring, Texas
Rev. Fr. Christopher Xanthos, Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Houston, Texas
Rev. Dn. David Companik, St. Jonah Orthodox Church (ROCOR), Spring, Texas
Rev. Dn. Juvenaly Hale, St. Joseph Antiochian Orthodox Church, Houston, Texas

More names from the clergy association are likely to be added.


  1. James Bradshaw says

    “Homosexual couples also cannot provide both a mother and a father to a child, and so should not be allowed to adopt children.”

    On this principle, then, this group must oppose the adoption of children to single persons, at least so long as they are single.
    All things being equal in terms of affluence, culture, etc, yes, I think a heterosexual couple gets the priority consideration in terms of adoption. I’ve been on adoption sites, though, and the number of children who have been forever impacted by their abandonment by their supposedly ideal biological parents is heartbreaking.

    Sometimes the perfect is the enemy of the good, as they say. These children would have been better off being cared for in an environment of stability, love and support, even if in the home of a single parent or gay couple, not being shuttled back and forth between foster homes or in group care.

    In terms of this bathroom thing: I don’t get the whole transgender thing. I really don’t. Yet, I don’t think that heterosexual men are who are clearly men are going to use the Texas bill to peep on women in the restrooms. At least not in Texas! There are transgender men and women who are not fully transitioned but who can easily pass who just would not feel safe using the restrooms of their biological gender. I get it. Of course, if they can easily pass, the bill isn’t needed, I suppose, since no one will notice anyhow.

    • I don’t think single people should be adopting children, unless they are related (which would have the benefit of keeping the child connected with their wider family). I especially do not think homosexuals should be allowed to adopt.

      On the bathroom issue… there was no rash of transgendered people being beat up for using a restroom they appeared to be identified with. This issue was pulled out of thin air by the Mayor as a payback to her homosexual supporters… and done in her last term, when she will not have to face the voters again… because if she did, she would go down in flames.

  2. Toby Grubbs says

    The “Orthodox clergy of Houston and Southeast Texas” are fulfilling the requirement given by God.

    “So you, son of man: I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore you shall hear a word from My mouth and warn them for Me. When I say to the wicked, ‘O wicked man, you shall surely die!’ and you do not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand. Nevertheless if you warn the wicked to turn from his way, and he does not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered your soul.” – Ezekiel 33:7-9 (KJV)

  3. Appreciate your position in maintaining God’s Created Order. Thank you for standing for truth.

  4. People are making a huger than huge mistake in thinking God will let homosexual marriage slide–as if to say, this too shall pass! The bible speaks against it in Leviticus(I believe) and Romans 1 chap((I believe) and I believe Jesus refers to sexual immorality and marriage being between a man and woman. Google for this and I’m sure you’ll find it(it allows you to find bible verses and it works for me).

    However, if you don’t believe God exists, may what I’m about to give you give you the means to investigate God and the taboo lifestyle thoroughly in a responsible serious way. Man can’t tell you how the natural world came to be or very many specifics without you scratching your head, because he is a creation of the Creator. And you listen to yourself; your friends/family; your feelings; or him/her about what to do before examining what God has to say?!

    Proving there is a God on your possibly non-religious level: There is so much diversity and complexity with earth and the universe(s) going on continually that only God could sustain them all; provide sustenance through another source(as insects and flowers do); or make them self-sustaining by their very nature. Also, why hasn’t there been something huge(even planet-sized) from outer space ramming into earth that would surely destroy it and why are we just the right distance from the sun to sustain life? Since evidence points to there being a God, how did He make man’s body? He made man’s body heterosexual rather than homosexual. Three things make this apparent: 1. Heterosexuals can have sex in any way that sex can be had. Homosexuality is accidental sex–as any object that is the right size can go into any opening that is the right size. That cannot be a determining factor about sexual design.Plus, two females cannot naturally(as they are born) have sex. 2. Heterosexuals–as animals–produce young that is a “merger” of two families(often very easily). Homosexuality produces only disease(AIDS), if anything. 3. Everybody that chooses to be can be heterosexual, but everybody can’t choose to be homosexual without it destroying the world(by God’s wrath or a combination of AIDS and no new young). I’m just saying that whether you are religious or not, you know homosexuality is wrong! Stand up against it! Don’t be judged for going against God’s holy design! When you go against something or someone that God has deemed holy, you are in real trouble of unrelenting horror and judgment(hell where everything that bad and punishing will be). Please don’t do this; stand up!

  5. I just wanted to take a moment and write down a few words about this supreme court decision. They will have to answer before God for their decisions, and there will be no lawyers or judgs to fight for their cause because when it comes time for each and every one of us stand before the judgement seat of Christ He will judge fairly and correctly, and if you lived by his commandments and belief then you will be welcomed into the life in heaven with him and his saints. if you did not follow his commandments and lived a life of sin (including homosexuality) you will be cast into the lake of fire for eternity, not 1 year not 100 years not even 10000000 years but for all eternity. the time is coming soon when all of us will be asked to show their lives and what we did here on earth. I hope and pray that those individuals who have choosen this lifestyle will repent and get out of it and live a life in normalsy.

  6. Xionis Spyropolous says

    As a gay Orthodox Christian, I now feel obligated to turn Methodist after reading this.

    • Fr. Johannes Jacobse says

      Xionis, Orthodox anthropology has no category of “gay.” Personhood is not defined by “orientation” given that any passion can effect an orientation. This does not deny the existence of same-sex attraction of course, but it refuses to define a person in terms of this attraction.

  7. Mariam Visagio says

    BRAVO Orthodox clergy!

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