Human Trafficking Enters A New Marketplace: Organ Harvesting

This is unadulterated evil, a new slavery where the strong prey on the weak.

human-traffickingSource: Acton Institute Power Blog |Elise Hilton

There have been whispers of it before, but now it has been confirmed: trafficking humans in order to harvest organs. The Telegraph is reporting that an underage Somali girl was smuggled into Britain with the intent of harvesting her organs for those desperately waiting for transplants.

Child protection charities warned last night that criminal gangs were attempting to exploit the demand for organ transplants in Britain.

Bharti Patel, the chief executive of Ecpat UK, the child protection charity, said: “Traffickers are exploiting the demand for organs and the vulnerability of children. It’s unlikely that a trafficker is going to take this risk and bring just one child into the UK. It is likely there was a group.”

According to the World Health Organisation as many as 7,000 kidneys are illegally obtained by traffickers each year around the world.

Human trafficking of children for the sex trade and as domestic slaves is well-documented, but numbers are difficult to pin down. The smuggling of humans for organ harvesting is an area that has not been heavily investigated, but one that officials believe will increase. The phenomenon of “transplant tourism”, where people travel to the developing world to “purchase” kidneys and livers has been discussed for a number of years, and some countries (such as Kuwait and Pakistan) have very loose legal standards regarding this practice. The practice of trafficking humans specifically for organ harvesting is still relatively new to law enforcement, requiring heightened awareness in the international legal community.


  1. Wesley J. Smith says

    Pakistan has tried to protect its citizens from this pernicious biological colonialism by banning live transplants from other than close relatives.

    Meanwhile, the Philippines outlawed organ transplant surgeries for non citizens to stop the organ market.

  2. Michael Bauman says

    I was young when kidney transplants became viable and mass marketed, not that old when the Barnard’s pioneered heart transplants. The possibilities excited me at the time. I tended to believe the scientistic propaganda. The more I read about it and the longer I have been Christian the more I see that organ transplants are fueled by the nihilistic desire for ultimate power.

    I would never ask for one, nor would I have allowed my child to have one had it been deemed necessary.

    They have ceased having anything to do with medicine if they ever did.

    What good is it if I gain the whole world and loose my own soul?

    Major organ transplants are a devil’s bargain.

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