An Exchange on Homosexuality and Culture

monomakhos-tileIn a comment on the Monomakhos blog, I offered this prediction:

The romance with homosexualism can only last for so long — five years tops and we are in year one. In another two years public doubts will start to surface. In year four those doubts will start shaping into a consensus. In year five the waters of this tsunami will start to recede.

Why do I say this? Because nothing in the life-style is life affirming. All the energy of homosexuality comes from and is directed toward a void, an absence in the person that is also being projected into the social and institutional structures that are being formulated around it but remain to be built.

More simply, “Modern Family” is an illusion plain and simple. It cannot and will not be built. This is a personal and cultural impossibility.

One reader asked me to clarify the point:

I am not clear if when you say “homosexualism might weaken”, if you mean in the general cultural or in the as a movement in the Orthodox Church (or both). In any case it made me think of Rod Dreher post from a few days ago:

The Stone Butch Communist

It is a difficult post because of it’s subject matter, but about half way down he talks about “The Nations” prediction for homosexualism in our country 21 years ago, and RC Fr. Richard Neuhaus’ response. Like Dreher says, the Nation was more right than Neuhaus was. I have to say that it is my belief that homosexualism as a movement has more staying power in either the Orthodox Church or the general cultural than what you seem to imply here. This is simply due to the sentimental nature of our culturals morality, and I don’t see any force that is changing that. Indeed, I don’t think it has even peaked as a way of life let alone “run it’s course”. Perhaps I am not seeing certain counter forces that you are seeing?

Below is my clarification.


Sorry for this late reply.

Regarding the dominant culture: Since homosexuality has been effectively normalized, the fact that it has a hollow center will become apparent I think, largely through the social harm it will cause (homosexual couplings are not stable, abuse and addictions rates among homosexuals, pedophilia is predominantly homosexual, etc.). The illusions surrounding it will shatter.

Dreher is right (Nation yes, Neuhaus no) but those ideas were in play when homosexuality was still a Fire Island – Key West – San Francisco phenomena. (See: Midge Dector, The Boys on the Beach.)

Homosexual “culture” is a misnomer. It doesn’t exist except as a parody of the natural order. It can only mimic what it sees but it won’t be able to reproduce it. This is not merely an observation about biology (homosexual couplings are sterile). Biology also models deeper structures, and at the center of the deep structure of homosexuality is a vacuum (the absence of structure). The vacuum however contains an energy that is *always* deconstructive.

Homosexuality is directed toward extinction and it must deconstruct the culture built on the natural order for it to get there.

Homosexuals, in order to maintain a viable self-identity as homosexual, need a vigorous natural culture surrounding them. If the dominant culture begins to see homosexuality as a morally viable ‘second way’ within the natural order, it shows the dominant culture is weakening but it will also reveal the vacuum (the ‘nothingness’) at the center of homosexuality and the deconstructive energy it contains.

Gay INC has achieved a remarkable propaganda victory in the last decade. It consisted of convincing the elites that homosexual pairings are indeed a morally viable ‘second way’ but the idea of viable culture structures built around those pairings is still only a promise. The propaganda war is relentless (“Modern Family,” “Will and Grace,” Andrew Sullivan, etc.) and has been largely won. However, the attempt to subjugate the conquered ground will fail, I think. Again, the illusions (the ideas about normative family and culture structures projected into homosexual populations) will be revealed for what they are — illusions. The worst thing for Gay INC may be normalization.

So my prediction is based on the belief that the natural order will prevail in the end. This remains to be seen of course. If I am wrong, then it means we must prepare for cultural collapse.

Regarding the the efforts to normalize homosexuality in some parts of the Church, again the Episcopal Church experience is all we really need to know. Liberal Christians have been trailing the dominant culture by at least a decade for the last forty years. They call their lagging statements “prophetic” and other sorts of self-congratulatory nonsense, but only to quell their unease about not being taken seriously. They are being used to provide a religious imprimatur to Gay INC — a vestige of their former authority that still exists as part of the cultural memory but will disappear in short order — because they prefer the intoxication of acclaim over the sobriety of truth.

The language I hear by the enablers of Fr. Arida (as well as his own) is nothing more than the tired polemics of the last four decades that has been retooled for an Orthodox audience. There is no need to put up with it. Surreptitious attempts to subvert the moral tradition need to be exposed and stopped. On the other hand, if Fr. Arida’s ideas prevail, then the OCA will collapse.


  1. “It can only mimic what it sees but it won’t be able to reproduce it. This is not merely an observation about biology (homosexual couplings are sterile). Biology also models deeper structures, and at the center of the deep structure of homosexuality is a vacuum (the absence of structure). The vacuum however contains an energy that is *always* deconstructive.”

    I would love for you to elaborate for me a bit about the non-biological ways you think it can’t mimic. Clearly a homosexual can not mimic reproduction, however they can in fact alter how we currently do reproduction. Think about this, homosexual men teaming up with homosexual women to have artificially inseminated families – in fact I know many already doing the artificial thing.

    What it sounds like you are saying is they can’t actually mimic love – and if that is the case I don’t see that as simply a collapse of the homosexual way of life but rather a collapse of all morals, values, and systems. Children being raised without love at all in their lives, will be set on a path of self destruction and they in turn will pass these things on to their kids (whether hetero or homosexual).

    In fact it sounds like the very things that happens to some of the greatest nations of historical past that no longer exist today. But this would mean the end of western society as we know it…. not just some short lived thing as you seem to imply.

    Please help me understand your thoughts.

    • Fr. Johannes Jacobse says

      Homosexual couplings are sterile, biologically closed to new life. Another way of putting this is that the sterility is natural, part of the structure of nature. No homosexual couple can ever produce a child by each ‘parent’; no child can share the genetic code of each partner. It is an biological impossibility. The prohibition is written into nature. It is inviolable. Just as a man cannot reproduce with, say, a tree or an animal, he cannot reproduce with a same-sex partner.

      Artificial insemination doesn’t change this fact. One partner cannot be inseminated with the genetic code of the other. Men don’t produce eggs, women don’t produce sperm. A third person is always brought into the mix. Collapsing this fact into a generalized notion of love doesn’t change it either.

      The point here is not that homosexual couplings “mimic love,” but that they mimic the structure of a natural family.

  2. The rise in homosexuality and “normalization” will not cease in the immediate future. Your predictions will be proven false.

    The reason is very simple: the rise in homosexuality and homosexual unions (so-called marriage or whatever you call it) is a natural consequence of women’s lib. The Orthodox Church has not been able to get a grip on that in over 100 years. The problem has only ballooned, growing into a hydra with thousands of heads and infiltrating both society and the Church.

    The “problems” present in a homosexual union aren’t that far removed from the problems that heterosexual couples (married or otherwise) experience routinely in modern cultures, largely because women have abandoned their natural function, either in part or in full. The real problem is and has always been divorce and the destruction of the family, which is not losing momentum. In fact, in the US and England for example, it has only grown worse as women initiate over 70% of divorces. In comparison, homosexual relationships are relatively benign simply because they do not destroy children in the process.

    It is largely women who are supportive of the male homosexual culture because women identify with feminized males (even if they don’t respect them). So they are here to stay for quite a while.

    The future will inevitably support my statement. I look forward to 2019 so we can continue this discussion when you are trying to wrap your mind around why your prediction was wrong.

  3. Fr. Hans Jacobse says

    Seraphim, you might be right although if you are, then culture is lost (which I increasingly believe is the case although time will tell).

    But I don’t see the romance with homosexual pairings replicating natural marriage continuing as it is. I think the speciousness of the claim will become apparent in five years. It’s a great social experiment; the thesis has been advanced, the propaganda effort realized, and now we await the reality which the supporters believe will spontaneously generate since they think the homosexual ‘family’ is a cultural form immorally suppressed. It won’t take that long to see the folly of the romance I believe.

    This doesn’t mean the moral collapse of the West reverses. It only means the romance will wither. In the end nature wins.

    You are correct in placing the locus of this devolution in the collapse of marriage.

  4. Gregory Manning says

    I have identified myself on other blogs as a repentant homosexual who is also an Orthodox Christian, and I continue to be dismayed at the extent to which the homosexual agenda has spread. I don’t doubt for a minute the existence of the so-called Gay Inc. entity but still, what is it about this movement, centered around a small percentage of the worlds population who’s single distinguishing “attribute” is sodomy? Though I walked away from that world more than 30 years ago, I obviously knew a lot of other homosexuals — a lot! Aside from the fact that they are all human beings and God’s (rebellious) children, there’s nothing special that I can see that society should want to “celebrate”. As I say, it’s just sodomy! Something is just not right here. This dead end “life style” has an increasingly disproportionate influence on cultures everywhere. I’ve attached a link to an impressive analysis of the entire agenda which I invite you to read. Having read it myself I have to conclude that something far more cynical (than even the authors identify) is in play here.

    I feel sorry for my brothers and sisters who have fallen for this embarrassingly ludicrous delusion. None of their supporters admire or respect them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they secretly found the life style repellent. What’s to admire or respect? Mr. Obama and his ilk will throw them under the bus. The tragedy is they’re not going to see it coming. I wonder if even a few of them see how cynically they’re being used. I can’t begin to imagine the terror they will experience when, too late, they discover that Chesterton was right: The devil is a liar and he’s more dangerous to his friends than to his enemies. Again, have a glance at the article. And please, pray for all those who persist in this losing “life style” and foolishly believe everything’s going to get better. Delusion is a frightening thing. Sadly, the man wearing rose-tinted glasses really does believe the world is rosy.

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