James Kushiner: Military and Monastics

This essay appeared in the Fellowship of St. James Creed and Culture newsletter. By James Kusner It dismays me to read the blog post (Homosexual Assault Grows in the Military) by Michael Avramovich about the rise of sexual assault in the military. I remember reading in Stephen Ambrose’s works about homosexual activity among American troops […]

I’m Trying to Help a Guy Go to College

He’s a friend of mine, 21 years old who has turned his life around. He works hard, has mapped out a future, but needs some financial help with college.

Fr. Josiah Trenham: Pastors Must Rise to Their Duty [VIDEO]

Pastors, said Fr. Josiah Trenham must rise to their duty to bring moral awareness to our civic institutions and fight the secularizing trends that see the separation of Church and State as a moral rather than functional separation.

The New Gnosticism of the Homosexual Movement

That one man and one woman create a child and thus constitute a natural family is indisputable. Nevertheless some people dispute it, or at least try to diminish the natural reality to define non-natural couplings as a natural family. I think the debate is largely lost in the culture and only when the detritus of these new arrangements become evident will sober thinking begin anew.

Fr. Alexander F. C. Webster: Transfigure or Die Trying

In the next issue of Touchstone Magazine, Fr. Alexander Webster offers a stinging but thoughtful critique of the decline of American culture to describe how the “sacrificial ethos of the eucharist” can transfigure personal life in ways that can restore and strengthen it.