The Cohabitation Bomb

In the most emphatic fashion, reports the Greek newspaper Kathimerini, the Church of Greece’s Holy Synod yesterday declared its opposition to the government’s bid to give unmarried couples greater rights by stating that any form of relationship other than a couple married in an Orthodox Church is tantamount to “prostitution.”

The Synod said that a draft law under consideration constituted a “catastrophic bomb” being placed under the foundations of Greek society.

Archbishop Ieronymos II, the new leader of the Church of Greece who arrived with the reputation for being a moderate, was pushing for a moderate position on the issue. But the other 12 members of the Synod would have none of it.

“The Church accepts and blesses the established wedding, according to Orthodox traditions, and considers any other type of similar relationship to be prostitution,” the Synod said in a statement.


  1. If I remember correctly, this last comment was not part of the statement that was read to the synod, but was added afterwards by the metropolitan of Thessaloniki, when he read the statement to the press.

    So, the Synod didn’t know that that particular phrase, about “any other type” of relationship being “prostitution” would be part of the statement, for which reason I think, the Metropolitan was later reprimanded by the Archbishop.

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