Planned Parenthood and the Institutionalization of Evil

By Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse

Selling the organs of aborted babies is big business and Planned Parenthood can deliver most organs intact chirped Dr. Deborah Nucatola between mouthfuls of food a few days ago. Nucatola, a high placed executive at Planned Parenthood, unwittingly exposed the grisly work of her organization in an undercover video released by the Center for Medical Progress, a pro-life group.

The video is disturbing. Nucatola’s demeanor, her perfunctory manner about manipulating an abortion to preserve the quality of particular body parts for resale, her eagerness to cultivate the client reveals no shred of conscience about trafficking in the harvested organs of unborn children. She talks like a salesman selling a cell phone upgrade.

Evil enters the world when a man puts his hands in service to a lie. Evil enters because the man has to restructure reality to conform to the lie, lest reality reveal that the lie is indeed a lie.

The lie operating in Nucatola’s glib descriptions about fetal parts is that the aborted baby is not a baby. It takes titanic self-deception to deny the humanity of a fetus (Latin for “little one”) but in the battle between avarice and charity many choose the cash. That’s one reason why they lie.

When the lie becomes more widely accepted the broader culture shifts. Those who believe the lie (who see the lie as true) marshal persuasion and intimidation to make others believe the lie and shift society even more.

Planned Parenthood, the behemoth of the abortion industry had this to say about the revelations:

  • The video “falsely portrays Planned Parenthood’s participation in tissue donation programs that support lifesaving scientific research.”
  • “Patients sometimes want to donate tissue to scientific research that can help lead to medical breakthroughs…”
  • “There is no financial benefit for tissue donation for either the patient or for Planned Parenthood.”

It is clear these replies were crafted by a public relations flack. No time was wasted coming up with them and they studiously avoid any suggestion that the “tissue donations” were the intact organs of an aborted child.

The lie has become institutionalized. An industry has arisen around it. Planned Parenthood rakes in about $1.5 billion in revenues each year from operations. It routinely aborts around 150 unborn for every one adoption referral. Since Roe v Wade in 1973 over 57 million abortions have been performed, many of them by Planned Parenthood.

The lie is not new. Carrie Buck, the Tuskegee experiments, the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII and other sorrowful chapters of American history were predicated on the same lie: some people are less than human. Even today, Mother Jones magazine, the flagship of progressive ideals declares that the revelations are “…another right-wing nothingburger.”

Dr. Joseph Mengele -- Exemplary Citizen

Dr. Joseph Mengele — Exemplary Citizen

Through a lie German Nazis built gas chambers and Russian Communists the Gulags. Through a lie American Progressives launched their war of eugenics against Blacks, the poor and the infirm that continues today in the abortion industry.

Critics have been struggling to find the proper metaphor to define the outrage. Most draw on Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the gruesome cannibal from literature.

But evil is seldom sensationalist. It’s banal. It accomplishes its work over lunch and in private clinics by men like the mild and proper Dr. Joseph Mengele — Nucatola’s prototype and in whose steps she walks.


  1. James Bradshaw says

    I don’t find this all that surprising. This is from the same folks who thought it a brilliant idea to offer “I Had An Abortion” t-shirts for their customers lest anyone mistakenly think they had reservations or qualms about their “services”.

    I’m reluctant to see abortion criminalized at the very earliest stages of pregnancy (when there are no obvious signs of life like a heart beat or brain waves). It’s these sort of reports, however, that make me want to rethink that. What used to be seen as only an unfortunate and ugly “necessity” (at best) are now being seen as a badge of honor. Pretty ugly stuff.

  2. M. Stankovich says

    On June 30, 2015, CA Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law the first ever mandatory child vaccination requirement:

    Starting July 1, 2016, all children enrolled in public or private schools or day cares must be vaccinated against whooping cough, measles and other diseases, regardless of parents’ religious and other personal beliefs. Children with specific medical conditions, such as immune system deficiencies, may be exempt if they have a doctor’s note.

    Whatever you think of the “intrusion” of government into your parental right to choose the best course of action for child’s health (and if you do not immunize, you are both an irrational idiot and a threat to countless other children and the community as a whole), consider further, as an Orthodox Christian, that it is impossible to immunize your children with a vaccine that is not derived from the cell line of an aborted fetus. Importantly, this situation exists not because major pharmaceutical manufacturers who supply the vaccine do not have other technology at their disposal (e.g. recombinant DNA) to avoid the aborted fetus cell lines, but it is simply less expensive and more expedient to continue as is.

    American Roman Catholics pressed the Vatican for intervention, and were offered a moral “concession,” that until an alternative could be found, and in the greater interest of the health and welfare of their children and the community as a whole, Roman Catholic parents should vaccinate their children with the products available. From what I am reading, the groups who advocate for Vatican intervention with vaccine manufacturers accepted, but were not satisfied with this directive, and continue to ask for further assistance. I strongly suspect that the Orthodox, on the whole, even are aware of the reality of the problem.

    • And this is why you don’t have to be “an irrational idiot” (a persistent believer that vaccines cause Autism, etc.) to refuse, not vaccination per se, but rather vaccines that are produced by such means. All the media hype over vaccination (from both Progressive and Conservative corners, I might add) conveniently ignores this fact.

      “…until an alternative could be found.”

      As long as this ‘industry’ is allowed to exist, allowing for cheaper production methods, an alternative will not be found. It is as simple as that. And so it is that the state not only allows this ‘industry’ to continue, it also mandates complicity in murder. They (and this is primarily a spiritual, not political, battle) will not be satisfied until everyone is compelled to partake of the blood of their sacrifices.

      • M. Stankovich says

        The interest of the state is to protect the health and welfare of its citizens. The mandate to vaccinate is based on extremely sophisticated epidemiological predictions of the ratio of “herd protection” (i.e acknowledging it is unrealistic to imagine it possible to vaccinate everyone, but calculating a percentage necessary to protect the whole) necessary to prevent epidemics (see, for example, Optimal Vaccination in a Stochastic Epidemic Model of Two Non-Interacting Populations). When, for example, you have a “known” herd vaccination rate that falls below 50% (and CA has the obvious problem of an undetermined number of undocumented immigrants) you court an epidemic. The Vatican’s response is a reasonable and prudent ethical response: protect your own children and your own community. CA experienced an epidemic of Whooping Cough last year – frighteningly among infants too young to be vaccinated – because the “herd protection” fell below 50% for two reasons: parents were refusing the childhood DTP vaccination and adults were simply unaware they need to be re-vaccinated every ten years.

        Please note that I did not say alternatives are not available. Some manufacturers have offered alternatives, but quit selling them – I presume – because they weren’t profitable. I know individual physicians who purchased an entire box of doses to inoculate their own children and donated the remainder to clinics (perhaps they will read this and relate the story!). The technology is available, it is just not profitable.

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