Orthodoxy and Homosexuality, Parts One and Two

Source: Ancient Faith Radio

Orthodoxy and Homosexuality, Part One

In this podcast Steve references an article he wrote for AGAIN Magazine on the Orthodox Church and same sex attraction. In it he shares the results of several interviews with Orthodox men and women who shared their backgrounds and experiences as homosexuals before and after becoming Orthodox Christians.

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Orthodoxy and Homosexuality, Part Two

In Part Two Steve answers email from listeners in a Question/Answer format.

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  1. Eliot Ryan says

    I’ll have to listen to this podcast several times to make sure that I get a good grasp. Very powerful and interesting!

    When we enter the arena of the Church, and struggle against sin, we are not longer labeled we our sin. This is true of heterosexual sin, homosexual sin or any other sin. We are not defined by the gender of the person for whom we have a sexual desire, we are defined by Christ. The Church is only concerned with who you are becoming in Christ, through the practice of virtues, regardless of your besetting sins.

    Their struggle is against sin not against their humanity. Andrew said […] is a struggle to decide how to live your life. My struggle arise from this: how to appropriately express or not express my sexuality. He said, this is the struggle all people have, no matter what their sexual orientation, and in this sense being straight or gay makes no difference.

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