Mark Steyn on Free Speech

Steyn: “One of the great strengths of common law has been its general antipathy toward group rights because the ultimate minority is the individual. The minute you have collective rights, you require dramatically enhanced state power to mediate the hierarchy of different victim groups.”


  1. Freedom of speech in America should be a right of all Americans, and should not be different for some people because of their socioeconomic status.

    The New Hampshire motto, “Live Free or Die,” is very appropriate insofar as an individual’s freedom is concerned.

  2. Excellent analysis! Thanks Father for posting this.

    Let me add to the concerns here the new Department of Health and Human Service’s requirement that health insurance pay for artificial contraception and abortion service. What’s worrisome is that there is no exemption for religious institutions who object to one or both of these on moral grounds. Also, we should I think watch careful the Obama administration’s argument in favor of doing away with the ministerial objection in federal employment law. And finally there is the growing attempt to redefine freedom of religion as freedom of worship.

    Taken together, these laws have the effect of restricting not just Christian witness but the whole of religious life to what happens in the church on Sunday morning. Not good and extremely dangerous for all, Christian or not, religious or not.

    On a lighter note, here’s the link for Carl Douglas singing Kung Fu Fighter:

    Thanks again Father!

    In Christ,


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