12 Sayings of Elder Porphyrios

It’s Christmas Lent and we are to prepare for Nativity. This might help:


  1. The Wisdom of Elder Porphyrios

    Can you understand the truth? Then you are out in the sun, in the light; you see all the magnificence of creation; otherwise you are in a dark cave. Light and darkness. Which is better? To be meek, humble, peaceful and to be filled with love, or to be irritable, depressed and to quarrel with everyone. Unquestionably the higher state is love. Our religion has all these good things and is the truth. But many people go off in another direction.
    All those who deny this truth are psychologically ill. They are like those children who became delinquent or anti-social because they lost their parents, or because their parents divorced or quarreled. And all those confused people find their way into various heresies. The confused children of confused parents.

    But all these confused and ant-social persons have a strength and perseverance and achieve a great many things. They succeed in bringing normal and peaceable people into subjection. They influence other like-minded people and they prevail in the world because they are in the majority and find themselves followers. Then there are others who, although they do not deny the truth, are nevertheless confused and psychologically ill.

    Sin makes a person exceedingly psychologically confused. And nothing makes the confusion go away – nothing except the light of Christ. Christ makes the first move: Come unto me all you who labour… (Matt. 11:28) Then we accept this light with our good will, which we express through our love towards Him, through prayer, through our participation in the life of the Church, and through the sacraments.

  2. What a treasure! An incredible and wonderful saint! Thank you! (And, it is worth noting, that you posted it the day after the 19th anniversary of his passing – hopefully, soon to be his feast day.)

    • Frankly, I find such productions maudlin and a very disrespectful context within which to present a man of God. This sentimentality is what the world offers as a substitute for true holiness.

      • I’m not sure what is maudlin, but then the sound on my computer doesn’t work so all that I saw was one well-known picture and a dozen quotes. So – apart from anything that might have been conveyed by the music – it seemed like it might offer something to invite further discovery if one doesn’t know anything about him or a short reminder if one does. For those who don’t there are about half a dozen excellent books in English. He was indeed a true man of God and, like any saint of his stature, offers an incredible window into the character of the life God offers and calls us to. Naturally, it is impossible to even begin to capture this with a dozen quotes or a power point presentation. It certainly doesn’t and can’t capture the discipline, dedication, surrender, humility and obedience that were integral to his ongoing experience of God’s inexhaustible love. As such, this specific expression may be less than we could wish or expect (though I would have to say the same about everything I have done), someone offered it as a gift, and if it invites further exploration, then it is most welcome.

  3. Excellent comment Eliot Ryan.

    Thank you. Thank you all of you who help us of a better understanding of all is about our religion.

    God bless you.

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