Can You Help a Priest in Need?

The Good Samaritan by Van Gogh (Detail)

It’s unfortunate but true: Sometimes priests are treated unfairly and the results can be financially catastrophic.

A friend of mine, a solid priest with a great track record and no hint of scandal, untoward behavior or anything else that warrants the kind of treatment he is receiving, is undergoing some grave difficulty at the moment.

I want to raise $1,000 to help him through his current distress. I need to keep his name private to protect his dignity.

You might ask:

  • Why doesn’t the Church help him out? It will if you help.
  • Why don’t his fellow priests help him out? That is what I am trying to do here.
  • Why doesn’t his bishop help him out? That answer is known only to God.

I wish it were different but unfortunately it isn’t.

Can you help?

If you can help with any amount please donate below:

Thank you very much.

Fr. Hans Jacobse

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