What? Exceeded our bandwith?

Exceeded our bandwidth? That means that we are generating more traffic than we have been allotted. I increased the limit and checked the logs. In the last thirty days the AOI Observer (blog) had 39,399 visits and 117,845 page views. That means we have a lot of lurkers. Thank you to those who emailed me about the problem.


  1. Interesting update. In a way, this is a good problem to have. 🙂

  2. Coming out of lurkerdom to say how much I love your website and read it daily. Don’t comment much because I have little of worth to say. Thanks for all of your hard work! It is truly appreciated.

    • Geo Michalopulos :

      Athanasia, I’m sure you would contribute very nicely to our discussions. I for one think we need more women to comment. There’s something about an intelligent woman’s perspective that can ground a man.

  3. Fr. Johannes Jacobse :

    Thank you Athanasia. Glad you like the site.

  4. It is wonderful to see this blog flourishing. It also reminds me awhile back much attention was paid to Bishop Savas and his new position as head of the Office of Church and Society. The bishop gave an interview to the greek press and ballyhooed his new blog. The post can be found here.


    At the time, many of us speculated on here that there was no way that the 79th glitterati would allow a bishop to post freely and discuss the great questions of our day.

    And wouldn’t you know it. Months later. The Bishop’s blog http://livinginthelogosphere.blogspot.com is just an empty shell. His Grace has missed such great cultural events like the EP Riverboat Cruise, Climategate, and the health care debate.

    You have to feel for Bishop Savas. His enthusiasm was admirable but open discussion and criticism are not known to be practiced in the GOA.

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