We’ve moved!

Easier than we thought too!

Many thanks to Fr. John Schroedel of Orthodox Internet Services (the man behind the wheel) who loaded the truck and moved us into our new home — all the way from Hawaii!

What will you see? In addition to the great commentary and timely news you have come to expect from the AOI Observer, you should see faster load times, the elimination of time-outs (the dreaded “internal server errors”) and a smoother operation overall.

Looking for a good and reliable host for you website? Truck on over to Orthodox Internet Services. Great prices and most of all great service. Again, many thanks to Fr. John Schroedel and Orthodox Internet Services for a job well done.


  1. Site loads much faster! Great move!

  2. Are we going to be able to comment on old threads before the move?

  3. Fr. Johannes Jacobse

    Oops. My mistake Andrew. I forgot to open them up again. Will do now.

  4. Yes, the site loads MUCH faster! Our parish has used Orthodox Internet Services since day one and we have nothing but good to say. Fr. John Schroedel does a great job!

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