Two ways to help the Copts

From Magdy Baiady:

Dear all,
Please sign these two letters (two links below) to help the Christian of Egypt (Copts) as soon as you get it.

We need all the help we can get to stop blood shed in Egypt, by Islam and the Muslims. Also share this email with your email list.


  1. Here is an interview with Faith McDonnell who works with Congress and other groups to help the persecuted Church in all areas of the world, including the former Soviet Union, Iraq, etc. She gives her contact information so that she can help with resources and contacts to those who want it. . Go to the middle column for her video interview and contact info.

  2. Unlike Congress or the president, the quasi-symbolic European Parliament has passed a resolution declaring its solidarity with the Copts and with Malaysian Christians, and calling on both the Egyptian and Malaysian governments to respect freedom of speech and religion completely- including in cases of apostasy.

    Worth noting:

    1. Stresses that the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion is a fundamental human right guaranteed by international legal instruments, and strongly condemns all kinds of violence, discrimination and intolerance, based on religion and belief, against religious people, apostates and non-believers;

    2. Expresses its concern about the recent attacks against Coptic Christians in Egypt and its solidarity with the families of the victims; calls on the Egyptian Government to ensure the personal safety and physical integrity of Coptic Christians and of members of other religious minorities in the country;

    3. Welcomes the efforts made by the Egyptian authorities to identify the authors and perpetrators of the 6 January 2010 attack; calls on the Egyptian Government to ensure that all persons responsible for that attack, as well as for other violent acts against Coptic Christians or other religious or other minorities, are brought to justice and tried by due process;

    4. Calls on the Egyptian Government to guarantee that Coptic Christians and members of other religious communities and of minorities enjoy the full range of human rights and fundamental freedoms – including the right to choose and change their religion freely – and to prevent any discrimination against them;

  3. cynthia curran :

    Well, this is good for a changed from the European Parliament side.

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