Two Podcasts from Fr. Peter Heer on New Martyr Fr. Daniel Sysoev [AUDIO]

postcards-from-greeceThe is a broad-ranging talk containing many good ideas that reveal deep insight about living our faith in Christ in modern culture.

About Fr Peter Heer: From his mountaintop village, Petrokerasa, Greece, Fr. Peter Heer shares with us his ten years of experience of living the Faith and serving the Church in Greece, and in particular the ancient Church of the Thessalonians. It was to the Church of Thessalonica that the Apostle Paul preached the Faith 2,000 years ago and the wonderworker and hierarch Holy Gregory Palamas expounded his divine theology more than 500 years ago. On visits to parishes and monasteries, and in interviews with clergy and laymen, Fr. Peter, as an American convert, introduces us to the ancient practice of the Church in Greece in terms and ways we can readily understand and apply to our contemporary way of life.

Podcasts courtesy of Ancient Faith Radio. HT: Byzantine, TX

The New Martyr Father Daniel and the Royal Path in the Mission of the Church

Fr. Daniel Sysoev

Fr. Daniel Sysoev

Father Peter spoke to a gathering of clergy and lay people in Athens recently and pointed to the witness of the new martyr of Moscow, the missionary priest Father Daniel Sysoev, as a model for mission work today. Father Daniel walked the “Royal Path” of the Church, avoiding two extremes, that of indifference to the person from the right and indifference to the Truth from the left.

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The Missionary Program of the New Martyr Fr. Daniel Sysoev

Fr. Peter continues his presentation of the New Martyr Fr. Daniel Sysoev’s spiritual and missionary program, which was a part of Fr. Peter’s speech recently given in Athens to clergy and faithful of the Diocese of Glyfada. Fr. Daniel is a great contemporary example of what a missionary parish can do and be, and his missionary school is an effort that can be replicated by pastors the world over.

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  1. With immense zeal and true faith, he was extreme, and wanted to bring to the Faith and their salvation all of Russia and the peoples that live around it. “I we do not preach the Truth the the Chechens, the Tatars, the Jews, just because they are from different religions, we will be acting inhumanly.”

    Compare the message of New Martyr Fr. Daniel to message of the Ecumenists and their great apostasy from the Truth (the second video).

    I pray that in this difficult time we are passing through, I stress, I repeat, and the difficult times that are await us, Christ may maintain us to the end of our lives, to the final heartbeat, in the correct faith, in the correct life. Amen!”

    – Metropolitan Cyprian –

  2. The Final Interview with Father Daniel Sysoyev: Hasten to Heaven!

    We are not nationalists for in Christ and in His Church there are no nations. As Russians and Tartars and Jews and Americans we have become one new people of the Covenant. We pray and worry so as to lead as many people as possible into the Celestial Home. We are not patriots of the earth, for we remember the words of St. Gregory the Theologian. “And these earthly countries and families are the playthings of this our temporary life and scene. For our country is whatever each may have first occupied, either as tyrant, or in misfortune; and in this we are all alike strangers and pilgrims, however much we may play with names” (Oration 33). We are striving for the New Jerusalem and only with its interests in mind do we bring our actions into correlation.

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