Fr. Rosselli. To men confused about abortion: Consider becoming a man [VIDEO]

Recently Planned Parenthood was exposed (again!) of the coverup of abuse of young girls. Two investigators posing as a pimp and his aid wanted abortions for underage illegals who got pregnant in human trafficking. Watch the video below.

In correspondence on the blog of the organization exposing Planned Parenthood’s crime, Orthodox priest Fr. Jim Rosselli responds to a defender of Planned Parenthood with words that need to be heard by men (including some of our own bishops and priests) who are morally confused about abortion. Fr. Jim writes:

What I am about to say may seem insulting. It is not meant as an insult, but as real advice that I hope you will think about: Please consider becoming a man. Allow yourself to mature away from infantilism and selfishness, and sophistic talk that’s only meant to dominate conversations, and consider becoming a champion of the weak and a protector and upbuilder of women — as women, not as fake men. Your life will change, my friend, into a virtual state you never dreamed existed.

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