The post-Orthodox Orthodox?

Alexi Giannoulias, Illinois Democratic nominee for US Senator, supports homosexual marriage. Here’s the introduction from the Greek Star (a Chicago newspaper with Greek readership):

Alexi Giannoulias, Democratic nominee for US Senator, shares why he supports the freedom to marry for all, including people of the same sex. This is something that many of his supporters, and especially Greek-Americans may be opposed to. The Greek-American politician chose to be honest and he should be given credit for being brave to state his opinion on a difficult subject. He stated, “There may be many individuals that may not be happy with my particular stance”. The Greek Orthodox church does not allow, or support, same sex marriage. Giannoulias in the video continues “To me faith has always been less about how you treat God and more about how you treat people.”

Alexi Giannoulias

Alexi Giannoulias

Moral relativism afflicts the Greek Star as much as it does Giannoulias. Since when is a stand against the moral tradition an act of bravery? Why the accolade for a position that flies in the face of Church teaching?

What you see in Giannoulias is the same syndrome that affects former Senator Paul Sarbanes and Senator Olympia Snowe who had no qualms ignoring Church teaching on the sanctity of life in their public lives. Both Sarbanes and Snowe never met an abortion provision they did not defend. Both voted against the repeal of partial birth abortion, and both supported the funding that promoted abortions in the Third World (a particularly noxious form of cultural imperialism). Giannoulias takes the accommodation of the moral deconstruction of Western culture to the next level: redefine marriage to cultural insignificance.

And no, Alexi, the Christian faith is not about “how you treat God.” The Christian faith is about how God has treated you. Then, and only then, will you properly understand how to treat people.

Yet the real failure, or at least the primary failure, does not rest with Giannoulias, or Sabanes or Snowe. The real failure is the accommodation the Church makes with the culture by lauding these politicians without public correction. Giannoulias simply reflects the generation that follows Sarbanes and Snowe. The generation that follows Giannoulias will justify even more egregious sin. The culture is morally confused, and because the Church refuses to draw clear moral distinctions our parishioners are too. That’s why Giannoulias supports homosexual marriage and why the Greek Star praises his stand as virtuous.

Here’s the video:


  1. No Alexi, it’s not just “members of my church who disagree with” you, it’s the entire Moral Tradition of the entire Orthodox Church who disagree with you. The Scriptures disagree with you. All the Apostles, Disciples, and Saints since Christ disagree with you. All righteous and God-fearing bishops, priests, and Orthodox faithful in the entire history of the Church disagree with you.

    • The deluded modern man has become addicted to the idolatry of ‘stars’ with various ‘luminosities’. The highest are the ‘megastars’ (that is ten to power six times the base unit). There are a host of ‘supermodels’, ‘pop idols’ and all sort of television, film, music, and sport ‘celebrities’ and ‘personalities’. They have become ‘role-models’ and people name their children in honor of them.

      These ‘celebrities’ replaced the saints. Their lives are ardently ‘studied’ by those who promoted them in the ‘entertainment industry’, by the global television, by magazines and celebrity blogging.

      A celebrity is someone who gets media attention and shows an extroverted personality.
      In the 21st century, the insatiable public fascination for celebrities and demand for celebrity gossip has seen the rise of the gossip columnist, tabloid, paparazzi and celebrity blogging. (Wikipedia)

      Their cohorts of fans learn about and imitate their lifestyles; the practices of alcoholism, drug-use, broken marriages, scandalous and immoral lives, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and the use of foul language and aggressive behavior. When continuously exposed to these scandalous stories they start to become common and normal. What the fans do not hear much about and do not want to learn from, are the often miserable deaths of their idols.

      Alexi Giannoulias is regarded as a star on the political scene and has his small crowd of fans. He was certainly more exposed to these kind of ‘celebrities’ stories than he was exposed to the Lives of the Saints of the Orthodox Church. Otherwise he would not sell his soul so cheaply, for an infinitesimal-time interval of glory and would not lead others into the pit.

    • Frank Dancer :

      We need hierarchs who will speak openly about not supporting these people regardless of their Greek heritage. We must not commune for their own safety.

      • As Christ said, it’s not ethnic similarity, or birthright, or wealth, or reputation, or earthly power and authority, or anything else that matters to GOD except doing HIS will:

        “Who is My mother and who are My brothers?” And He stretched out His hand toward His disciples and said, “Here are My mother and My brothers! For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother.” (Matthew 12:48-50)

  2. cynthia curran :

    Well, this isn’t related to abortion but the left likes to think its successful because it has high average salary cities like New York City. Wat is not mention that a lot of the left doesn’t think is that NYC has a high poverty rate and average incomes are not much higher than Houston Tx. In fact, both NYC and Houston have high black poverty rats than means both conservatives and liberals have done a poor job getting blacks a decent living.

  3. Khristoforos :

    Khristoforos, I am deleting the comment because it makes a strong implication about the public stand of a person that is incorrect. Go to the link you cited and read note #25 in the comments. The correction to your assumption is there.

  4. George Michalopulos :

    Giannoulis like most liberals, is a moral poseur. There is no danger in taking on “The Church” in the modern West. Indeed, the real danger lies in the opposite direction.

    • Too right. If you want to see how far it has gone in states with gay marriage laws the longest take a look at the parade pictures in Boston where self-damaging pain style ‘sex dress looks’ were featured among encouragements to include kids in the parade.

      Click then scroll down and click on ‘gay pride week’ — but not too shortly after eating or with anything spillable in your hands….

  5. My sister was visiting Chicago from out of state and she went to one of the many parishes there because it was Sunday. She called asking if I knew anything about who he was and why he was talked up so much in church. Anyhow she called to say how totally blown away she was when the whole sermon was a fullboat campaign commercial. I’ll call her to ask more about it now that I’ve seen this article.

    • She said as it happened she went to Alexi’s home parish that day and he was there with his family. Indeed yes she affirmed that the sermon ‘from the pulpit’ was an full-out homage for him and all about why he needed to be supported. She went with someone else, so maybe there will be more about what was preached there. I suppose given it was his home parish and ‘early days’ in the campaign before stands were public on controversial issues it makes more sense that it appears to make now given the above.

      Still and all, it must be said even the newest Greek Metropolitan in San Francisco went to bat in the two biggest newspapers in California (SF and LA) for the state sponsoring homosexual marriage while saying the church wouldn’t.

      So, I guess that just adds ‘gender’ to all the other confusion in the church today.

    • George Michalopulos :

      Of course, if a priest in a ROCOR/OCA parish said to vote for Kirk, he’d have the full weight of the intellegentsia come boring down on him. With an assist from Frankie no doubt.

  6. And why, praytell, is anyone surprised?

  7. How is it that Gianoulias gets all the attention while the pathological party switcher and relativist Charlie Crist gets none?

    Will we see Gianoulias made an Archon in the near future?


    • George Michalopulos :

      Of course. Prbabably a “Grand Skevophylax to the Exarch of the Atlantic and the Pacific, the Outer Rings of Saturn and the Klingon Homeworld.”

  8. Living here in the most corrupt state in the union bar none, I don’t know how common knowledge nation wide it is about the mob ties of his family’s failed bank. Or that he is one of the big O, Mr President the Anointed One, best friends, his basketball buddy.

    • Jolynn Ruggerio :

      There are many parishes in the Chicago area who do not support Giannolias’position let alone any sermon promoting him.

      But we do have a dilemma before us because his Republican opponent ,Mark Kirk, is Pro-choice, does support Gay rights and has voted against marriage as defined as one man and one woman. Moreoever, he has not only lied about his military record but also his teaching record. He had the audacity to speak in congress about what he knows about the challenges of classroom Management and the possibility of being faced a student pulling a gun on you. His classroom experience amounted to one year as a Teacher Asst. in a Church pre-school.

      He’s not even a certified teacher.

      • It looks like Illinois is a cesspool of corruption and depravity when it comes to politicians. Shame on both candidates!

        Now, more than ever, we need men and women of character that embody Integrity, Honesty, and Courage. Individuals who believe in the Constitution, in Individual Liberty, Law and Order, in Individual Accountability, in the sovereignty of the US, and very limited government. Folks who respect America and care for and listen to those they represent. Candidates that despise hypocrisy, believe in God, and are willing to stand up for defense of innocence and truth as ideals to be nurtured and promoted.

        • One sign of this is people with enough emotional maturity to rise above feeling as though laws are supposed to be make ‘us’ feel good along the lines stoning ‘them’ used to do. The message of these stunted species of politician of yesteryear is ‘better join up with us or maybe you’ll be next’.

          Look at the travesty of those thugs intimidating people against going to vote in PA. They were ‘us’, not ‘them’, so ‘we’ ignored a guilty verdict and let the thugs walk. Had it been one of ‘them’ trying to keep people from voting then ‘they’ would have been in jail and fined until they lost even the penny wedged in their shoes with the sorry echo of the journalists of yesteryear in the press scowling at ‘their perfidity’ every step of the way.

          But when it’s ‘us’ that broke the law, did the wrong thing, well– Barney Frank and Hot Bottom- excuses all round. Let it be a Republican in a bathroom stall with another man and ‘oh he’s got to go out of the congress’.

          Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd — both KKKer’s and when Thurmond died it was all they could talk about with him gone and unable to respond. But when it was one of ‘us’, Byrd, well what a hero.

          It’s really quite the sorry show and I hope the people have enough sense to vote for somebody new.

          • Harry you are quite right. Ben Shapiro pretty much summarized the situation this way:

            “If you’re a liberal, you can literally get away with probable murder (Teddy Kennedy), rape (Bill Clinton), children out of wedlock (John Edwards), association with known racists and terrorists (Barack Obama), involvement with the mob (JFK), pimping out gay prostitutes from your apartment (Barney Frank) and membership in the KKK (Robert Byrd), so long as you believe in bigger government and less financial freedom.”

          • Chris,

            I wish I could hear a ‘good lefty liberal’ present their case for how things would be better doing things their way, in their own voice so to speak. I wish I understood better why those with such a point of view think it is a good idea. So far those that have presented the cases reference it not in terms of why it is a good thing of itself but why it ‘isn’t conservative’ or ‘isn’t republican’ or ‘isn’t what politician X I think you don’t like said’.

            The best example of this that I can think of is then candidate Obama saying voting for him is a vote for ‘change’. Maybe there is an analogy to why people don’t usually like the movies of books they’ve read that required the reader to fill in the gaps based on their own perceptions and experience. Obama said he was ‘change’ and smiled broadly and people just filled in the ‘what sort of change’ with their own hopes — not specific policies.

            That’s why I get a little ‘creeped out’ when ‘ordained young never married’ bishops scowl usually about ‘protestantizers’ as justification for acting like ‘vaticanizers’. It’s an invitation to scowl at ‘them’ then not pay too much attention for a reaction that misses the target just as badly — just on the other side.

  9. He probably has no grounding in Orthodoxy, and simply identifies himself with the Orthodox Church for ethnic reasons. What does anybody expect from him?

  10. cynthia curran :

    This is again off topic but I think our president is a demogogue and the Democratic party was silent about how he use fraud and intimdation in the primarly and General election. The New Black Panthers scare people from voting for Hillary Clinton in the primarly and MCCain in the general election. I seen some clips of the documentary we will not be silent that shown election trick by Obama to win the primarly. While the Republican Party isn’t always desirable a 100 percent eiher, the Democratic seems to be moving into left thuggery. I know that not all Dems are not way but these developments to be are worst than the social interests.

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