‘The New Atheists and Their Claims’ Generates 11,000 Downloads in 10 Days

Along with Dr. John Mark Reynolds and host Kevin Allen, I participated in the debut of the program Ancient Faith Today several weeks back that, from all accounts, was very successful. Ancient Faith Radio reports the program generated well over 11,000 complete downloads in just 10 days.

The program Ancient Faith Today tackles topics of high interest in the larger context — from atheism to gay marriage and a few others in between. The next program deals with same-sex attraction and airs on May 20, 2012 (see the full schedule). We’ve also set up an AFT Forum under the American Orthodox Institute umbrella.

Listen here:


  1. Fr. Hans,

    Congratulations on a grand slam home run. Your contributions were the best part of the program!

    • Fr. Johannes Jacobse

      No, this was a team effort and that’s not false modesty. This was the first program and we put a lot of time into it, but I think Kevin Allen put in the most, at least on the public end of it. Then there were people on the technical end you never hear or see that keep the show running. It’s all very interesting and a lot of fun too.

  2. cynthia curran

    Well, it was the Roman Catholic writer Taylor Caldwell who made a 12 year old agnostic in 1969 in her novel Dear and Glorius Physician that the christian faith might be true by pointin out that the darkness during christ’s cruxication is mention in both christian and pagan sources over 100 years larger. Julius Afrancius wrote a pagan author try to explain away the darkness of the date of Christ’s cruxfication.

    • cynthia,

      Sometimes, you totally lose me when you respond to some of these blog posts. Just mentioning.


  3. w0w this is really big number of downloads. Congrats

  4. cynthia curran

    Well, that some agruments help to believe in God. And that later history about the darkness mention about secular pagan sources confirm that Jesus at least existence.

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