The America of 2013

America is in a very deep moral crisis.

american-thinker-thumbSource: American Thinker | Steve McCann

Americans take great umbrage whenever they, as a society, are portrayed by the residents of other nations as self-centered, avaricious and overbearing. While an egregious exaggeration in the past, is it an accurate description now? Who are the American people today and what sort of country is the United States in 2013?

How does one describe a society wherein a majority of the people, and their elected leaders, have embraced the following mindset?

  • a) The United States can commit to unlimited government spending as the long-term future of the nation is immaterial and will take care of itself.
  • b) Based on 66 years of unprecedented economic growth and prosperity, the good times will never end and America will under no circumstance experience massive national adversity as there is a bottomless pit of money to be siphoned from an equally bottomless pit of wealth.
  • c) Since the dollar is the international reserve currency, the United States, in order to cover its massive budget deficits, can arbitrarily create trillions of dollars out of thin air regardless of any consequence for the nation or the global economy.
  • d) There are no limits to personal behavior and the arcane concepts of decency, honor and integrity are from a bygone era.

In just four years the United States has accumulated nearly $6 Trillion in debt. The national debt is now $16.5 Trillion or 32.5% of the world’s total indebtedness (the U.S. accounts for 5% of the global population and 20% of the annual Gross World Product). Further, the total unfunded liabilities (state, local and federal) of the U.S., as of 2012, exceed $238 Trillion, or 3 times the annual Gross World Product (total economic activity of all the countries on earth). The United States is, today, the most indebted and bankrupt nation in the history of mankind.

Assuming other nations would still be willing to buy American bonds and the dollar has not been replaced as the world’s reserve currency, the expected level of government spending over the next four years will result in the national debt exceeding $21.5 Trillion (nearly 40% of the projected world debt in 2017). Interest costs, as the end-product of having to raise rates to attract lenders, will absorb nearly 60% of the total income taxes collected in 2017.

However, at some point before this scenario fully plays out, the rest of the world will no longer tolerate and subsidize a nation unwilling to change its profligate and self-centered ways. The financial collapse of the United States would not only have a devastating impact on the standard of living for the average American but for the vast majority of people around the globe.

How can a nation with any sense of decency allow this scenario to play out? None of this is a mystery to the politicians, academics, the media, Wall Street, major corporations and a substantial portion of the electorate. While there may be a considerable percentage of the population that could be categorized as “low-information” voters, this does not excuse the actions and attitudes of these people or the balance of the citizenry. The United States, and possibly the global economy, is being taken apart by the avarice and narcissism of its elites and the selfishness and ignorance of far too large a percentage of its inhabitants.

The vast majority of politicians, while paying lip service to fiscal restraint, are primarily concerned with re-election and continuing the standard of living, ego-gratification and wealth accumulation that comes with elected office. They have thus abandoned their moral and fiscal duty by pandering to the bulk of the American people who have been willingly indoctrinated to believe that by the mere circumstance of living in the United States one is entitled to and guaranteed a “decent” livelihood regardless of the cost to future generations.

The leaders, as well as a preponderance of the rank and file, within the public sector unions, are focused not only on siphoning as much money as possible from the treasuries of the states and federal government, but also impacting, through compulsory union dues, the election of politicians who will acquiesce to their never-ending demands. This modus operandi also extends to the private sector unions who are increasingly turning to government and the elected officials they also financially support to strong-arm their demands upon employers — which will compel many to choose either bankruptcy or offshore relocation.

The bankers on Wall Street, in order to protect their annual seven figure incomes, have become willing tools for the governing class in Washington D.C. either as: 1) foils in the propagation of class warfare; 2) well compensated accessories to the creation of money by the Federal Reserve; or, 3) intermediaries for massive political donations. All the while knowing that the government has designated their entities as “too big to fail” thus shifting any potential risk to the American taxpayers.

Additionally, far too many major corporations and well-heeled investors have turned their eyes to the government as the source of loans and guarantees for a myriad of investment schemes and projects. In the search for not only money but favorable regulatory treatment, they, in return, willingly contribute to the election of those who will not only continue these policies but will make certain there are few or no consequences for failure. That the ultimate objective of these politicians is to make certain the private sector is under the thumb of government bureaucrats seems immaterial to these so-called capitalists.

In the world of academia, the primary objective is no longer to educate but to make certain there is no end to the ever-increasing income stream that flows into the pockets of the institutions and individuals. If that means saddling students with unconscionable debts or demanding unlimited subsidies from the government then so be it.

The mainstream media has abdicated its responsibility to be a neutral chronicler of the abuse of power. In order to sustain their individual lifestyles and gain access as well as bask in the glow of the ever-growing power structure in Washington, they have become the propaganda arm of big government.

The entertainment industry, in their determination to promote an unfettered lifestyle, has for many decades advanced the notion that there are no limits to personal behavior. Further, since decency, honor and integrity are passé, the entertainment complex can justify grossing untold billions from the glorification of ever-increasing violence and depravity. All the while financially supporting those in the political class who claim to be in sympathy in these matters but who, in reality, are more dedicated to the concept of an all-powerful central government — a government which will eventually turn on these same supporters.

Regardless of the reason or circumstance, a majority of the people of this nation have been conditioned to believe the federal and/or state governments will always be able to ride to the rescue in any situation. The fact of the matter is: this nation cannot weather a severe financial crisis as it has squandered its ability to do so.

The United States in 2012 re-elected a man, Barack Obama, who is self-centered, unprincipled, and arrogant. From the perspective of the rest of the world, this is increasingly the image of the United States in 2013. While a substantial portion of the American populace do not subscribe to or live their lives this way, a majority does. For far too many, they do not care about what happens to their country, their progeny or other people around the globe.

The United States is rapidly becoming the egregious caricature first used in the 1950’s and 60’s — the Ugly American.


  1. macedonianreader :

    At this point, with happened in our legislature the last couple of days. I’m beyond words with both parties. And honestly, we can’t keep blaming Barrack Obama. The GOP has folded and sold out on all fronts – re-electing the Speaker who spearheaded the turncoat party to third in line to the Presidency again. To say I feel betrayed and terrorized, and revolted would not do my feelings justice …. I guess I had a few more words left.

  2. Michael Bauman :

    America is always in some moral crisis or other. We were founded out of a series of moral crises. The first set culminated in the Civil War. The second phase culminated in WW II

    From WW II until now we’ve been gradually discarding our cultural Christianity.

    That is pretty much a done deal. Will the next phase we persecution of people’s of faith or will the faithful deepen our faith sufficiently to revitalize our country?

    Whatever the answer, the personal responsibility is the same.

    • Well said, sir. In this age of spiritual ennervation, may God grant us the courage to live up to those responsibilities.

    • Very true. Our nation’s history is riddled with bloodshed, racism and all sorts of atrocities. I never understood why people look back upon our nation’s early days as if some moral utopia existed. Even the “halcyon” days of the 1950s were an embarrassment (unless you consider forced segregation of the races to be moral).

  3. cyntha curran :

    Well, it takes Focus North America on a massive scale. Too many Republicans just wanted their taxes cut without helping people out of the economic messed hence the higher taxes.. I hear cries of Moochers from a lot of Republicans but they don’t take time to help people maybe retrain or help them if they have difficulty in an expense part of the US. A lot of folks in expense areas of the US well not get off of unemployment since parttimes jobs can bring in less money. Christians should help these people back in the workforce as fast as possible than spend their time decrying them as moochers if they are moochers then christians should show them a way out.

  4. The American “Thinker” is but another victim of Gudge propaganda.
    While his criticism of contemporary American culture is on target, his solution which typically entails blaming Hudge, is way off the mark, because his aim is obviously to drive Jones into the arms of Gudge, as if Gudge is Jones’ friend and Hudge his enemy,
    when BOTH Gudge and Hudge work against Jones, the common man (woman and child).

    I won’t repeat my comment made at The Republic is Finished and the America We Knew is Gone
    (Search page for “Dove Weed”, second entry on page)

    But suffice to say, the American thinker is monomaniacal and not a complete thinker like the Apostle of Common Sense, G.K. Chesterton.

    Focus on the passing of the Republic and bemoaning the fact is a waste of time for Christians.
    Early Christians thrived without a “Republic” under their control, proving that such is not essential to Real Christianity.
    That Americans “think” otherwise only betrays the Calvinistic bent that infects American culture by way of Plymouth Rock.
    Puritanism is not the “rock” on which Christ said he would build the Church.
    Now that America is returning to paganism (albeit in a post modern form that isn’t really), Christians will have to Get Real in a catacomb way.
    No doubt, that will send the tares thrashing.

  5. Michael Bauman :

    Tomas, every nation has a history of bloodshed, prejudice and corruption. However the US has a better record than most of owning up and a better record than most in our generosity. Even our worst rulers are paragons of virtue compared to the worst Europe, Asia, and Africa have proffered.

    • Even if dear ‘ole USA were the best of the worst as you proclaim, the lesser of evil is still evil.
      The USA, and its leaders in particular, are as fallen as any of humanity, and not nearly as saintly as you would have them be.

      That in and of itself is cause to exercise caution about any such addictive jingoist notions as might subliminally lurk beneath the shallow waters of your claim.

      If anything, such claim exposes the Calvinistic bent in which American “culture” and its belief system is awash, a religion which no doubt even God wouldn’t be sorry to see evaporate from American shores.

      The rock on which the Church is built by Christ is named faith, not Plymouth.

      Aside from that, you’ve merely made an opinionated assertion, a belief, that’s not founded on historical fact.
      Anyone who’s read The American background section of The Ideological Management Industry and other well documented research by Alex Carey might beg to differ with your religious opinion.
      Not to mention viewers of filmography of Adam Curtis, Scott Noble, and John Pilger, or the well researched works of Anthony Sutton.

      There are many other sources of historical facts, too many to cite here that do not support your claim to fame, but which do illustrate American infamy, an infamy that is pointless to counterproductively compare by “degree” with the infamy of any other nation.

      The American background in The Ideological Management Industry alone documents the propaganda that has spread corruption of democracy from America to UK and Australia and around the globe.
      It’s the same propaganda that’s at the heart of America’s belief system.

      Not to mention the bloodshed documented in “America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq“.

      Americans, much less the US government, have not even begun to “own up” to any of that.
      Without such repentance, the US nation, like the Roman Empire, is collapsing primarily from decadence within, not from terrorist threat from without (and by primarily collapsing from decadence within I do not especially mean abortion or homosexuality, but the will to corrupt democracy at home and abroad with propaganda, and to cause bloodshed around the globe).

      Those who want to put the nation on the right “moral” track, can only do so by putting their own personal house in order.

      Otherwise, as this document illustrates, such efforts are just a bunch of gnosticism under pretense of Orthodoxy, no differently than the protestant evangelism of Russia is gnosticism under pretense of Christianity.
      As the document puts forth, to be looking outside, instead of within, for the perfect state of governance is a sure sign of gnostic search for chiliastic utopia.

  6. Michael Bauman :

    DW: Well I reckon’ we are all just doomed. Guns or martyrdom, that is the question since any and all attempts to govern ourselves end in unreconciled evil.

    I’m so very surprised that governments do evil and corrupt things, wow what a revelation..

    By golly next thing you know y’all be saying that even folks in the Church have done evil and corrupt things too. I’m not sure my little ol’ pea pickin’ heart can rightly stand that. Oh my I think I’m havin’ a case of the vapors. Fiddle-dee-dee.


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