Evangelical Pastor Faces Imminent Execution in Iran

We get involved in our own discussions and sometimes miss that others need our help. In about eight or nine hours, Pastor Yousef Nadarkhania, a convert to Christianity from the Muslim faith is scheduled for execution for apostasy. The story follows below (Google has more). Meanwhile, you can encourage Pres. Obama to intervene here, or […]

Abp Chaput: New York Times, CNN, MSNBC Can’t be Trusted on Abortion, Faith

These are words some self-styled Orthodox commentators on Church and society would do well to heed. From the article: “In the United States, our battles over abortion, family life, same-sex marriage, and other sensitive issues have led to ferocious public smears and legal threats not only of Catholics, but also against Mormons, evangelicals, and other […]

Abp. Chaput: America Becoming ‘Much Less Friendly’ to Religious Freedom

Although written for a Catholic audience, the ideas expressed by Archbishop Chaput apply to Christians across the board. Take special care reading the section “A Less Friendly America” where Abp. Chaput warns us the coming hostility towards religion and how anti-religionists will use the power of the state to diminish the cultural influence of Christianity. […]

Patriarchate of Moscow Launches Program for Protection of Christians Worldwide

Source: Asia News Read Met. Hilarion’s Address to the European Religious leaders on OrthodoxyToday.org. Moscow (AsiaNews) – Concerned by a widespread “Christianophobia”, the Russian Orthodox Church has decided to publish regular information on episodes of violence that affect Christians in the world. Interfax news agency reports that the World Russian People’s Council is a public […]

Met. Hilarion: The Problem of Religious Intolerance. What Can We Do Together?

Source: Department for External Church Relations of the Russian Orthodox Church Highlight: At present we are experiencing a new era of persecution against Christians, which some compare to the time of the Roman emperors of the first three centuries. People in problem-free countries know nothing or do not want to know anything about it. Only […]