Crisis in Greece

I haven't listened to it but I know Fr. Peter's brother. Solid guy. This could be good. Fr. Peter examines the crisis in Greece from a spiritual standpoint, pointing us toward two important developments that have worldwide implications. Fr. Peter places these developments in the larger context of salvation history, as well as in the mysteries of salvation and iniquity which are at work in the … [Read more...]

Clarke and Dawe: Lending merry-go-round

We're in trouble. … [Read more...]

The Times, They Are a-Changing

Victor Davis Hanson's brief synopsis below also affects Constantinople and may help explain why it is so anxious to direct the American Church. The Corner At the present rate, Turkey has about as much business in NATO as Greece does in the EU. Both countries seem out of place in their respective organizations; both envy and resent northern Europe and the United States, and seek their … [Read more...]

Greece: a nation at war with itself

London Telegraph The attack on an Athens bank that left three dead stirred memories of the blood-spattered years of Greek civil war in the 1940s. When 44-year-old Marie-Therese Iatrou, who lives in a comfortable suburb outside Athens, spoke this week to her mother, Renna Nezos, she detected a note of panic in the 78-year-old's voice. "I want to come and live with you outside the city," … [Read more...]

From a friend

The sovereign debt of the Socialist Republic of Greece is 12% of its GDP. By comparison the sovereign debt of the United States of America is 10% of its GDP. If left uncorrected, America will be Greece within the next five years. … [Read more...]