Ancient Faith Today: David Daleiden – The Man Behind the Planned Parenthood Exposé [AUDIO]

People take umbrage at the suggestion that Planned Parenthood and Nazi Germany share the same debased view of of human life. But what other comparison makes sense of Planned Parenthood’s crimes?

Planned Inhumanities: From Roe to Obergefell

It is the “planned” part of Planned Parenthood’s title that needs to be criticized. What kind of society thinks “parenthood”…can be regimented, organized, scheduled, commoditized, bought, sold, and programmed by people?

Fr. Rosselli. To men confused about abortion: Consider becoming a man [VIDEO]

Recently Planned Parenthood was exposed (again!) of the coverup of abuse of young girls. Two investigators posing as a pimp and his aid wanted abortions for underage illegals who got pregnant in human trafficking. Watch the video below. In correspondence on the blog of the organization exposing Planned Parenthood’s crime, Orthodox priest Fr. Jim Rosselli […]