Politics, Polemics and Reconcilation

The besetting failure of Orthodoxy in America is our almost global unwillingness to lay aside knee jerk anti-Western polemics. As least since the time of St Justin Martyr, the Church has understood that God prepares a people for the reception of the Gospel. Granted the parallel between his time and ours is not exact. Most Americans are Christians of one sort or another even if they are not Orthodox Christians. Likewise Western culture is, at its foundation, Christian. And while there are points of divergence and even disagreement between the Catholic, Protestant and yes even secular thinkers who have given shape to American culture and the Tradition of the Orthodox Church, there are also many points of agreement between us.

Metropolitan Methodios: Urgent Need for a Missionary Effort

Thoughts for the New Ecclesiastical Year By Metropolitan Methodios As we begin the new ecclesiastical year, I urge you to reflect upon the theme chosen for the last Clergy Laity Congress, “Gather My People to My Home.” It is critically important for us all — clergy and laity — to respond to the call of […]

Canon 28 and Constantinople’s Jurisdictional Claims

St. Tikhon: Shine the Light

Monachos.net, a great resource, has published a new translation by St. Tikhon, Metropolitan of Moscow, delivered in 1907 at the New York cathedral on the Sunday of the Triumph of Orthodoxy. Monachos.net describes this as “the saint’s ‘farewell homily’ to his flock, before departing the United States, and contains important reflections on missionary zeal as […]

Fr. Peter Guilquist interviews Met. Philip Saliba

In this historic interview on Ancient Faith Radio, Metropolitan Philip talks candidly about such things as Orthodox unity, music, our witness to the world, his most memorable accomplishments as well as his biggest disappointments. This two part interview was conducted by Fr. Peter Gillquist, Chairman of the Department of Missions and Evangelism in the Antiochian […]