Patsourakos: An “icon” of Stalin is sacrilege

George Patsourakos, an AOI Observer commentator, recently posted this essay on his website Theology and Society. In a news story that shocked Christians throughout the world this week, it was revealed that Joseph Stalin — the Russian tyrant responsible for murdering millions of innocent people — was pictured on an icon at an Orthodox Church […]

Patsourakos: Islamophobia will end in the US when terrorism ends

Over at his Theology and Society blog, George Patsourakos, an occasional commentator on the AOI blog writes on the effort by the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR – apologists for jihad actually) to combat “Islamophobia,” a term they borrowed and adapted from the homosexual rights movement that is used to silence the criticism of […]

George Patsourakos: Get St. Nicholas rebuilt!

“New York state and its Port Authority officials need to hang their heads in shame,” says George Patsourakos, on his blog Theology and Society. Patsourakos, a regular commentator on the AOI blog writes: The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center — attacks by extremist Muslims — resulted in the deaths of […]