Chris Banescu on American Thinker

Chris Banescu, occasional contributor to AOI Observer and webmaster of has an essay published on American Thinker today: How to Cripple the Free Economy. Congratulations Chris! Recent Comments Three Trojan Horses: Insider Attempts to Disorient the Orthodox [66] George Arnold Please forgive the mixing of equine metaphor; but this horse has left…May 16, 10:14 […]

Debt, Credit and the Virtuous Life

By Fr. Gregory Jenson Our economic life is concerned with more than just the objective exchange of goods and services.  Far from being morally neutral, it is an expression of how we understand our dependence on God and neighbor and is the means by which we fulfill, or not, our obligations toward them.  Both for […]

On the ‘edge of the abyss’

By John Couretas on the Acton blog: From the Greek daily Kathimerini: Witnesses said that protestors marching past the building ignored the bank employees’ cries for help and that a handful even shouted anti-capitalist slogans. [ … ] It took a statement from President Karolos Papoulias to best sum up Greece’s dire situation and the […]

Greece Shows What America Would Be Without More Borrowing

AOL Daily Finance By Peter Cohan On May 2, Greece announced a deal to get a bailout from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. But as part of the agreement, Greece needs to cut government spending in ways that are causing social unrest. That chaos could get so bad that Greece might decide […]

Prophet Jim Wallis Explains the Doctrine of Coercive Repentance

More Wallis dressing redistributionism in Christian garb. ++++++++++++++ By John Couretas. Source: Acton Institute In a new column on Sojourners, Prophet Jim Wallis reveals that Wall Street financiers are coming to him for confession, sometimes skulking along darkened streets to hide their shame: Some come like Nicodemus – a religious leader who came to talk […]