Hallelujah Chorus – Quinhagak, Alaska [VIDEO]

I put this on Facebook. It is great.

Patsourakos: Catholic Church Must Be Serious in Defrocking Abusive Priests

From George Patsourakos’ website Theology and Society. George is a commentator and contributor to the AOI Observer. I have only one quibble with this otherwise strong editorial. The problem of pedophilia (a misnomer, it is really pedastery) was not a “…result of the Catholic Church’s policy of secrecy in which bishops transferred pedophile priests to […]

Random Act of Culture

Say no to the soul-stultifying grey mendacity of secularism! Opera Company of Philadelphia at Macys. Recent Comments Progressives Use the Terms “Dialogue” and “Fundamentalism” to Attack… [3] Christopher Besides Rod’s important book “The Benedict Option”, this post reminded me of…Apr 19, 10:09 AM Michael Bauman Why do people lose courage? For many the faith and […]

Piero A. Tozzi: The New Global Morality: DADT Repeal and Secretary Clinton’s embrace of “Universal Standards”

Apart from from the health care rationing that Obamacare would foster on American citizens, I argue too that the questionable morality of the self-selected administrators of the project would drive policy decisions in directions that violate traditional norms. “Do you really want people like Hillary Clinton or Barbara Boxer making your health care decisions?” I […]

Michael Barone on the recent election

Occasionally I get emails from readers taking me to task for discussing politics on a “religious” forum. It should not be allowed they argue but obviously I don’t agree. Politics, culture, religion, values, ideas and so forth overlap in critical ways and ignoring this is, at a minimum, a prescription for ignorance. It’s true that […]