Debate: Does Atheism Poison Everything? Christopher Hitchens vs. David Berlinski

A debate on atheism with Christopher Hitchens, author of God Is Not Great, and David Berlinski, author of The Devil’s Delusion. This event was hosted by the Fixed Point Foundation ( in Birmingham, Alabama. Part 1 of 5 Recent Comments The Amsterdam Symposium: An Abuse of Authority? [24] Misha Yes, in light of all available […]

Hitchens brothers debate if civilization can survive without God

Source: CNN Brothers Christopher and Peter Hitchens squared off Tuesday in a debate over whether civilization can survive without God. Christopher, the older of the two, is a renowned atheist thinker and author. Peter, the lesser known of the two, is a practicing Christian and also a well-regarded author. Christopher Hitchens is going through a […]

Praying for Christopher Hitchens

George Michalopulos sent this piece along that offers a prayer for Christopher Hitchens, one of the more well known “New Atheists.” I’m not a Hitchens basher although I’m a Hitchens critic, (i.e.: How can anyone really believe that Troskyite Marxism is defensible?). I’ve listened to some of the debates between Hitchens and Dinesh D’Souza and, […]