Byzantine Chant for Christmas – Christ is born!

HT: Fr. Andrew Damick If you like Byzantine Chant (I do) you will like the hymn (in Greek) of the Nativity. What's with that hats? Actually, they are part of the tradition (see icon below the video, bottom left corner). I realize Byzantine Chant is not everyone's cup of tea, especially in Greek. Still, it's beautiful, at least to my ears. A blessed Nativity to all Observer readers. … [Read more...]

Ancient Faith Radio launches Byzantine chanting class

From Kevin Allen: Let me introduce the new Ancient Faith Radio podcast Glory To Thee: A Chanter's Workshop, with host Dr. Stephen Kouri, of Saint Luke (Antiochian) Orthodox church in Garden Grove, California. Dr Kouri is a longtime chanter and chant instructor and a trained voice musician. One of the great needs in the Orthodox Church is the edification, encouragement and training (beginner … [Read more...]