Norm of faith as norm of life

This essay is outstanding. It represents the quality of thought that should be coming from all Orthodox Churches; the words that speak to the foundational questions of culture as I wrote yesterday. Frankly, the Orthodox in America are capable of contributions of this depth and importance. I have my doubts however, that Constantinople will ever […]

Christian Witness to the Environmental Movement

I would also challenge my brothers and sisters in Christ to a more critical engagement of the environmental movement as a whole. This would include not simply a careful examination of the science of climate change but also of the political, cultural economic and yes, environmental, consequences of the various national and international public policy initiatives being advance. But I would especially ask them to challenge the flawed, nihilisitic anthropological vision of the environmental moment.

Man as Meat

In part five of the “On the Road” series, Steve the Builder stopped in front of whore house in the middle of the Nevada desert. Sex and death are inextricably intertwined in the human being. That is why the Playmate Ranch is the perfect icon of our fallen humanity. Listen here: Recent Comments Progressives Use […]