AOI Observer up for two awards

Over at Eastern Christian New Media, AOI Observer has been nominated as best blog in two categories: 1) Best Church News Blog (Best blog at keeping up with current events and providing insightful commentary), and 2) Best Group Blog (Premier blog worked on by a group of people). Actually, a lot of good blogs got […]

Part 9 of 9 of the debate is up Recent Comments Priests Don’t Answer Emails [10] Anonymous So I am very late in coming to this, but yes, still…May 23, 6:43 PM Dishonest Dialogue [3] Dave E. Sanders Years ago, when I was living in Miami, I met an Orthodox…May 16, 9:24 AM John P. It is interesting to observe that virtually the […]

Debate done, went well, post tomorrow?

Well, the debate went well, about 450 people or so in attendance. I heard it will be posted on Youtube tomorrow so as soon as I get a link I will post it here. Once I get it up, we can discuss it. Meanwhile, maybe some people who attended and would care to can post […]

On my way to Baltimore

I’m sitting at the Fort Myers, FL airport, boarding just began so this has to be quick. Small layover in Detroit (the new airport I hope) and then on to Baltimore. Preparing for the debate I read David Bentley Hart’s “Atheist Delusions.” EXCELLENT BOOK! MUST READ! I particularly appreciate his emphasis that the rise of […]

Has anyone here figured out how to manage their email?

I get swamped by my email. I used the GTD system (projects/tasks etc.) and manage to keep things organized for the most part, but the sheer volume of email makes it hard to keep up. Anyone have the same problem? Do you have a system that lets you keep on top of it? Recent Comments […]