No more discussion on AOI of the OCA’s inner turmoil

Dear Readers, The discussion on the OCA turmoil flared up on the AOI Observer where I let it run for a few days and then declared a moratorium. A major reason I imposed the break was that emotions ran very high and facts were in short supply — usually a recipe for even more unpleasantness. […]

Time to take a break, folks…

The emotions are running high, people obviously have very strong opinions that are passionately held, but short of facts and definitive statements by the leaders, including Metropolitan Jonah, the discussions on AOI Observer will inevitably devolve into conspiracy theories, conjecture, endless repetition of points, and so forth. I am imposing a cooling off period. I […]

AOI Observer Passes 30,000 Visit Mark in January, 2011

Last month (January, 2011), the number of monthly visits topped 30,000 for the first time. During 2010 AOI Observer traffic tripled to over a quarter million visits in 2010 (265,165 visits). Clearly AOI Observer is filling an important niche thanks to the many commentators that make the Observer a place of rich discussion and information. […]

I need some help…

In my spare time (not much really) I help out in the background with other things. Right now I am working on a website for “Orthodox Mission in Pakistan.” You didn’t know there was an Orthodox Church in Pakistan, right? Neither did we until recently. Pakistan has one Orthodox priest recently ordained and under the […]

AOI Observer wins Eastern Christian New Media Award

Thanks for everyone who voted for the AOI Observer in the recent Eastern Christian New Media contest. AOI won first place in the Best Group Blog category. Recent Comments Priests Don’t Answer Emails [10] Anonymous So I am very late in coming to this, but yes, still…May 23, 6:43 PM Dishonest Dialogue [3] Dave E. […]