St. Vlad’s Hosts Poverty Conference – May 31 – June 1, 2013

Source: St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Seminay

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for life!”

How may we re–think our response to issues of poverty, and how may we offer positive solutions to address the needs of the poor? This conference, co-hosted by the Seminary and the Acton Institute—a body dedicated to researching principles that link economics with virtue—will offer some fresh ideas for Orthodox Christians. 

Jay Richards

Jay Richards

Susan R. Holman

Susan R. Holman

Conference presenters will be Jay Richards, author of Money, Greed, and God and Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute; and Susan R. Holman, senior writer at Harvard Global Health Institute, and author of The Hungry are Dying: Beggars and Bishops in Roman Cappadocia and God Knows There’s Need: Christian Responses to Poverty, both from Oxford University Press.   .

View Acton Institute’s engaging videos from “PovertyCure,” an international coalition of organizations and individuals committed to entrepreneurial solutions to poverty that challenge the status quo and champion the creative potential of the human person. Acton Institute manages PovertyCure’s efforts in the USA.

This conference is offered as a tribute to Dn. John Zarras (+ 2012 ), an alumnus (’06) who earned his M.Div. degree over a period of several years as a late–vocations student. Deacon John also served as a member of the Board of Trustees and the president of the St. Vladimir’s Seminary Foundation.

REGISTER ONLINE TODAY!! $50 registration fee is WAIVED until May 15!
  • Registration and Workshop—$50  
  • Room & Board—$70
  • Total—$120.00 

On–Campus Accommodations

On-campus housing is in non-smoking, non-air conditioned, dormitory rooms with shared bathrooms. Because there are a limited number of single rooms, they will be given to the first registrants. Staying on-campus includes meals at the refectory, which are catered, without individual meal options. The seminary staff will provide sheets and towels. Please bring your own personal items (such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and small fans.) Wireless access to the Internet for personal laptops will be available in the Library when the Reading Room is open, but wireless access in dormitory rooms cannot be guaranteed.

For questions about this event, please contact Tanya Penkrat, Special Events Coordinator, at, or 914.961.8313, x351  

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  1. Vlad the Inhaler :

    This conference looks very interesting, and I would absolutely love to attend it; however, distance, job, and price prevent me from doing so. The topic is very intriguing and especially in the light of our recent charitable donation to Uncle Sam and the fact that 150 millions Americans do not pay taxes and 50 million are on food stamps, it gives me a moment of pause on matters regarding money, welfare, tithing, charity, opulent Christian hierarchy, and politicians, those “public servants” who have the goods on great healthcare amongst many other benefits. So, American citizens are mandated to donate 39-45%? of their earned wages to Uncle Sam annually, and additional 10% go to the church, which leaves Joe Shmo American Taxpayer with… practically nothing. And single people have it worse than those marrieds with double incomes.

    I am sorry, but I see a huge disconnect between the average Christian American taxpayer and the governmental public servants and Christian clergy. I get lies from the one and lip service from the other. I guess I am supposed to starve and die destitute. This is how I deal with “taxation with representation.” Every April 15th, I tell people I donate to my charity, the American Government, who sends middle class and poor kids to die in wars undeclared by Congress; who takes my money to support overseas abortions; who gives money to Planned Parenthood; who cares for illegals in emergency rooms; and who gives deadbeats welfare checks and food stamps, not to mention the other frivolous things they do with money that could be better spent by me.

    And while the aforementioned travesties of human injustice and criminality take place, the clergy quietly speak about puppy dogs, ice cream, peace and love and good happiness stuff. Can someone please inform me on the whole tax-exempt situation with churches? Is it true that if they speak against the government they can lose their tax-exempt status? I would appreciate some info. Thank you. There are too many charities. Give to one you trust and be done with it. Wow! Come to think of it, after giving to the government, the church, and charity, you’re left with nothing but a pot to micturate in. Am I the only who feels like this?

  2. Vlad the Inhaler :

    I just purchased Jay Richards’ book Money, Greed, and God on amazon for $10, so I am not totally out of the loop. I will definitely give it a whirl and have my own modest seminar on the economics of poverty. I hope to learn a lot. There are very effective common sense solutions out there, but it is a matter of the powers-that-be getting humble, tightening their belts, and getting to work, instead of maligning one another and living like lords of the manor.

  3. cyntha curran :

    who cares for illegals in emergency rooms Well, both parties allowed businessmen to hire illegal immirgants and yes illegal immirgants come because the wages are lower in Mexico, Central America and China and so forth. There are Irish illegal immirgants a country that actually is doing better than Greece, granted not as good as they were about 5 years ago.

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