St. Vladimir’s Seminary featured on CNN’s “The Economic Report”


Recently St. Vladimir’s established a green initiative to provide an Orthodox response to the growing ecological crisis of our day, and The Economic Report segment spotlights this effort.

Fr. John Behr, Dean of SVS:

Theology and education for ministry are not simply academic pursuits. An Orthodox theological education is far more encompassing and demanding than that offered in a typical institution of higher learning. Members of the seminary community—faculty, staff, and students alike— are challenged to respect and value each member of our richly diverse community as a unique human person created in the image and likeness of God.

Fr. Chad Hatfield, Chancellor of SVS:

Orthodox Christianity ecologically involves the relationship with both the inhabited earth, the human community, and the natural eco-system in which we live. We are implementing sustainable practices across our twelve-acre campus, exploring alternative energy sources, and caring for God’s creation.

View “The Economic Report” on the St. Vladimir’s Seminary website.

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