Sporadic postings this week

I’m flying to Phoenix, Arizona in about four hours to give a retreat on culture and the Church later this week to the Arizona Orthodox clergy. Updates will be sporadic and I will check in when I can. I’ll turn the presentation into a paper and post it when I get back.

11:03 am. Sitting in RSW (Fort Myers) waiting for my plane to leave in an hour. I always appreciate small favors. A couple of weeks ago it was early, had to go somewhere, turned the key in my car, nothing happened. In the south batteries fail without warning unlike the north where the cranking tells you the battery is about to go. What a hassle. Well, tried it again and (miraculously) it started. Drove right to WalMart then had the great fortune to find out my battery was still under warranty. Got a new one free. No labor charge either.

Arrived at the airport today and saw a huge line in front of US Air. Oh oh I thought. I never, ever fly US Air unless I absolutely have to. Too much bad luck with them. Found out though that the flight before mine was cancelled. Looks like I will make it to Charlotte after all and after a two hour layover on to Phoenix. (Flying from Florida you usually go east before going west unless you fly Continental through Houston. Once I flew to Newark on my way to Seattle.)

One downer though. As I started the car to go to the airport, the new battery failed. Fortunately my wife was home so I had a ride to the airport. I’ll deal with that hassle when I get home.


  1. It may not be the car battery alone that has the problem. Maybe the alternator is not properly charging the battery or there’s a drain in the electrical system somewhere when the car is not being operated. It’s rare to have 2 batteries in a row fail in that same manner; especially a brand new one.

  2. We should have a new auto advice blog: ‘Car-Post with Cense and Cross, the Ignation Brothers’.

    Caller: ‘I’m calling Fr. Hans from Duluth Minnisota– it’s January 14 and my hands stick to the car door, and I try and I try but it won’t start!! I’m sitting in the front seat and I’m about to give up getting to church on time!!’

    Fr. Hans: ‘I was at a funeral yesterday and I cut off the fingers from some gloves I could barely swing the censer my hands froze to it! Wait now while I bless the car!’

    A minute passes.

    Fr. Hans: ‘Try it now!’

    Caller: ‘Amazing!! Thanks Fr. H!!’

    (I actually heard this on a ‘puzzler’ on a related show a-typical for the Juan Williams-less radio network. Was it divine intervention? Or just some time for the cranking heat to spread to the frozen fragistat?? Or– Both!)

  3. Fr. Johannes Jacobse :

    I wish it was that easy! The truth is I want my car to work when I get it it. I don’t understand cars. I change the oil every 3000 miles and the other stuff you are supposed to do, and I just want it to work. When it breaks down the frustration is almost unbearable.

    I had a car that broke down in northern Georgia once, right on the freeway. Fortunately there was a Ford place just a few miles away (small favors again). Across the street was a car rental place. Rented a car, drove my family home to Fort Myers, waited three days for the car to get fixed, drove back up to Georgia to drop off the rental and pick up the car. Left at 5am and got home at 2am the next day. 1300 miles. What a week.

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