Russian Warns on Demonic Roots of Socialism

Source: Acton Institute | By John Couretas

In Rome to address a conference sponsored by the Dignitatis Humanae Institute (Institute for Human Dignity) on June 29, Russian pro-life campaigner Alexey Komov expressed amazement for the support that socialism gets in some quarters in the West even though it has “never worked in world history.” In an interview with the Zenit news service, Komov pointed to how this ideology had caused such great pain and suffering “all in the name of social reform, progress and improvement.” His criticism was also leveled at the “softer version of socialism” of administrations in the West led by President Barack Obama and recently José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the former prime minister of Spain.

Komov believes that if you “dig deep enough into the ideological roots of these socialist movements, you end up finding satanic roots in them.” And although only a softer version is prevalent now, “it is still very dangerous,” he says. “I would warn all those people fascinated by socialist ideas that they have never worked in human history — never worked.”

The traditional nuclear family is a particular enemy of socialism, he says, because it is the basic institution that preserves values and passes them on to the next generation. “The state, if it wants to dominate life and the individual from birth to death, needs to destroy the family, because the family is independent of the state,” he argues. “As Marx and Engels said, the family is a repressive, bourgeois institution that needs to be destroyed; they need to get rid of its patriarchal power and that of Christianity because they are the main obstacles of the social revolution.”

Komov’s witness against socialism is all the more timely because of a growing fascination with Marxism in the West. That’s especially true of young people who seem not to have heard a thing about the gulags and the oceans of blood shed by communist regimes (their parents may be willfully ignorant). Of course, few schools teach lessons about the Gulag or add writers such as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn to required reading lists, which should also include selections from The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression. The Guardian, a UK paper, examines this new enthusiasm in an article titled, “Why Marxism is on the rise again.” The article links to the Marxism Festival 2012, now underway in London.

The Zenit article also quotes Rocco Buttiglione, recipient of the 2004 Acton Institute Faith & Freedom Award, on “the importance of truth and authentic tolerance in politics.” Buttiglione …

… noted that the meaning of tolerance has subtly changed over the years, so subtly, in fact, that it has escaped people’ s notice. “‘Don’t be judgemental,’ people say, but you can translate that as ‘Don’t think’ because to think means to pass judgement,” he said.

He said that to think means to create hierarchies, to put things in order, to make distinctions between good and bad, truth and falsehood. “If you do this, you are considered intolerant,” he said, “That’s bad, because it destroys real participation.”

Read “Dangerous Flirting: Russian Wonders Why West Is Enamored With Socialism — What Christians Should Do in the Public Square” on Zenit.

Download the AU 2012 lecture “The Unknown Solzhenitsyn” by Dr. Edward Ericson (Day two; only 99 cents).


  1. Michael Bauman :

    Scarasm on:

    But to even think about the demonic is so archaic and a perfect example of what needs to be overthrown the irrational belief in a unseen evil being. It is a bunch of superstitious nonesense just as the belief in a god, any god is. It is exactly why we need to have more control. By getting rid of such superstition everything will get better. Rational utilitarianism that allows us to give the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people is the only way. It is the only way we can properly manage the limited resources we have.

    Scarasm off.

    Who cares how many people we have to kill.

  2. cynthia curran :

    Well, its probably as Pat Buchanan states a lot of Republicans are into free trade at the expense of Blue Collar Jobs and high levels of immirgation so the Blue Collar white turns to the Dems. Granted, the Dems have done some outsourcing and also favor high immirgation. A lot of the Countries in Europe have a lot of legal and illegal immirgation also taking jobs. For exmaple, in the states Liberals will state Vermont has a much lower high school drop out rate than Texas but Vermont is about 98 percent white and more middle class, Texas is high in hispanics legal or not. However, Republican govenors such as Rick Perry supported a high level of immirgation for business intestest in his state and the school children are the chidlren of the hispanic immirgants that have about 90 percent free and reduce lunch programs in El Paso. Limiting Welfare but importing a lot of poor people will lead to sympathy by the left for socialism.

  3. cynthia curran :

    Well, basically the eastern European countries need to surpass Greece in Per Capita income then Spain and Italy to get noticed. They have the flat tax. Estonia or Slokvena and Czech Republic have the best chance over a decade to do this.

  4. Cynthia Curran :

    that we give them are the tools to be able to change the pattern,” Patrick said. “Here, they can get that high-school diploma and a supportive network that wants to see them succeed.”

    The report’s authors and others insist the recession did not cause the disparities, though it did exacerbate them.

    “The most vulnerable among us was hit the hardest,” said Andrae Bailey, executive director of the Community Food & Outreach Center in Orlando. “The real story of the Great Recession is that we’re creating a whole new class of our population that is chronically poor. Children will grow up in poverty and live in poverty and perpetuate poverty for the generation after them.”

    In the 70-page study, children of color were also lopsidedly affected by a range of other ills: They were more likely to be born prematurely or underweight or to die in infancy. For that and other reasons, 16 percent of Hispanic children and 18 percent of black children were classified as being at high-risk for developmental delays — compared with 7 percent for non-Hispanic whites.

    They also were less likely to have health care.

    Across all age groups, 26 percent of blacks and 34 percent of Hispanics had no form of health insurance in 2010, while for whites the uninsured made up 19 percent.

    Meanwhile, state funding for programs that might have aided children in poverty have been cut in recent years, the report found.

    “Trickle-down does not work nearly as well as direct investment,” said Cassandra Jenkins, chairwoman of Voices for Florida’s Minority Issues Action Council. “Further erosion of government-supported programs will result in even more dire numbers.”
    This is another reason why we have trouble fighting socialism is a lot of poor Hispanic immigrants were allowed to come tothe US in the past 30 years and since Afro_american who were forced here in the first place have similar problems then it increases the poverty rate and as mention in the article another reason why people want more government programs.

  5. Cynthia Curran :

    Another view here: a lot of the occupy groups are using the riot in Anaheim as an excuse to have a new martyr Mr Diaz a gang member whether the cops are guilty or not. Learning from Tom Tancredo the far left and occupy La, Orange and probably San Diego to join what is going up in Anaheim. Study the websites of the occupy movement its definitely hardcore socialist or anarchists. Several general Assembly meeting in fact Anaheim is interested by Occupyers all the way to Harlem New York and Red States like Texas also have several chapters. In fact the growth of the hispanic population and confrontation with cops gives the occupy groups more to complain.

  6. What exactly is the argument being made here? As far as I can tell, it goes like this: “Some socialists and some types of socialism have been historically opposed to the traditional family and/or opposed to Christianity, therefore all socialism and anything even remotely inspired by socialism is evil.”

    This is ridiculous hysteria. One might as well point out that some self-described Christians and some self-described Christian churches have done horrible anti-Christian things in the past, and thereby conclude that Christianity has “demonic roots.” Or what about militant atheistic capitalists like Ayn Rand? There are free-market ideologues who are just as violently opposed to Christianity as the most zealous Stalinist. Why not look for some “demonic roots” there?

    The truth, of course, is that you can find demonic influences everywhere if you look hard enough. I say influences, not roots, because that is the accurate term. We live in a fallen world after all, and the devil tries to corrupt as many things as possible. That doesn’t mean we have to reject anything he ever tried to corrupt – if we did that, we’d have to reject pretty much everything. When we see demonic influences corrupting something that is otherwise good, the proper response is to purge those influences and save the good thing.

    So it is with socialism. Get rid of the atheistic and anti-family parts – but keep the rest.


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