Russia helps Kosovo Orthodox Church

HT: Orthodox News | Source: The Voice of Russia

General view of the Orthodox Monastery in Gracanica, Kosovo, 08 April 2010. The Gracanica monastery has been placed on UNESCO's World Heritage List under the name of Medieval Monuments in Kosovo, on 13 July 2006. Photo: EPA

Under a document signed by Vladimir Putin, Russia will allocate 2 million dollars to reconstruct Orthodox monuments in Kosovo. The Prime Minister ordered to finance this work as a voluntary fee for the UNESCO for 2010 and 2011 allocated from the federal budget. Here are more details from Grigory Ordzhonikidze, the secretary-general of National Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO.

We proceeded first and foremost from the UN Security Council resolution 1244. Some time ago, experts from the Russian Culture Ministry and national committee for world heritage visited Kosovo, and after the talks with their Serbian colleagues, the two sides selected four Orthodox monuments that require financial assistance for their reconstruction. These are the Patriarch’s Pec, Decani, Gracnica Monasteries and the Church of the Virgin of Levisa. The Russian initiative is based on friendly relations with Serbia. The allocated sum paves the way for carrying out the reconstruction and restoration under international control.

The Russian Foreign Ministry will sign an agreement with UNESCO on the transfer of money, and UNESCO, on its part, will conclude an agreement with UN Mission in Kosovo on carrying out this work. Notably, we insist that experts in Orthodox architecture from Russia, Bulgaria, Greece and other countries be involved in the work since they are well aware of the canons of restoration of the monuments.
More details from Grigory Ordzhonikidze, the secretary-general of National Commission of Russia for UNESCO.


  1. Geo Michalopulos :

    Maybe W was right about Putin after all. In the meantime, may I ask why the Dhimmi churches of C’pole, Antioch, and Alexandria (and their colonial outposts in the Diaspora) have not lifted a finger to help rebuild these precious monuments of a glorious Christian culture?

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