Rumors on Met. Jonah’s Resignation: I put it up, thought better of it, and took it down

Rumors are flying all over the internet that Met. Jonah has resigned. For five minutes I reported the rumor with a disclaimer, then took it down. AOI Observer has an excellent record of accurate reporting, and while I think the story is newsworthy, I do not want the Observer to be part of a train that might run off the rails. If the rumor is confirmed, I will post the story.


  1. You are wise Fr. Jacobse not to post any rumors on your website, unless there is clear verification that they are true.
    As for Met. Jonah’s resignation, this is the first time that I heard about it. I hope he has not resigned, since he has done an excellent job for the Orthodox Church in America, as well as for Orthodoxy in general.

  2. George Michalopulos :

    agreed. his vision is correct, even if the old guard do not necessarily approve of the execution of it.

  3. Thank you, Fr. Jacobse, for being dedicated to accurate reporting of the news. What frustrates me beyond words is the OCA’s slow and very late breaking of news such as this. There is absolutely no reason why the OCA faithful should find out about +Jonah’s 60 day abcense from a Greek website, then Facebook, then OCANews! It should have been released on the website immediately upon it being fact so as to prevent rumors, innuendo, and internet gossip. This is one area the Synod continues to fail and fall.

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