Recreation of the Icon by Iconographer Lynette Hull

icon-ted-eventRe-creation of the Icon: Lynette Hull at TEDxCapeMay 2012 – Recreation and Re-creation”

Lynette Hull is an American iconographer trained in the methods of fifteenth century Russian-Byzantine iconology. Since 2002, she has studied under master iconographer Vladislav Adrejev, founder of the Prosopon School of iconology. The Prosopon school, while committed to preserving the creative techniques and methods of antiquity, promotes the incarnation of the principles of the painting experience into all aspects of oneʼs life. Lynette graduated from Wheaton College with a BA in literature in 1985. Her home and studio are in Princeton NJ.


  1. Christ's unprofitable servant, Seraphim :

    Thanks for posting this, Father. I think it speaks to the fact that there are certain aspects of our American culture & particular circles of the population who are rediscovering the Aristotelian understanding (which is also the Orthodox Christian understanding) that a valid intellectual paradigm can be comprised of the bodily senses, the rational faculty as well as direct or spiritual apprehension. A welcomed throw back from the resultant scientific rationalism that the enlightenment produced.

    • Fr. Johannes Jacobse :

      I am always grateful (and impressed) by people who take the concepts we understand in our Orthodox faith and work to make them accessible to the larger culture. That is what art, and all forms of creative expression, are about and why they are powerful modes of communication. I applaud Lynette Hull for taking on the challenge and doing it in such a coherent way.

  2. I like the very early icons that have Christ as the good shephard. Its interesting that still even in the 6th century there are still some beardless Christ..

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