Patriarch Kirill believes main achievement of August 1991 is revival of faith

Kursk, September 24, Interfax – Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia believes that the main achievement of August 1991 is revival of religious life and end of atheistic persecutions in Russia.

“Perhaps, the Lord allowed destroying churches, insulting shrines, shedding blood and suffering in order to open divine logics of life and mystery of God’s will to our people and through our long-suffering history to the whole world,” Patriarch Kirill said in his sermon after festival service in the Kursk Root Hermitage on Thursday.

The Patriarch noted that the way of hardships our country passed in the 20th century was not taken in vain, as the whole society was able to “redeem its guilt before God, to redeem the sin of apostasy with suffering, blood and misfortunes.”

“On certain moment of history the Lord – as there was no any human will in it – on the day of His glorious Transfiguration tempered justice with mercy and stopped more than 70-year atheistic captivity,” the Patriarch said.

Thus, he reminded believers that events which took place in the country on August 19, 1991, happened on the feast of Transfiguration.


  1. The collapse of Soviet Russia — along with its godless communism — in 1991 has resulted in a “renaissance” for the Russian Orthodox Church and its worshipers. To be able to endure more than 70 years of communist persecution, and to become the most powerful institution in Russia today, illustrates the Russian Orthodox Church’s ability to survive, and even grow, in the worst possible situation.

  2. cynthia curran :

    Well, my concern is the church becoming friends with the current politcal group in Russia including Putin who was an ex-KBG man.

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