Patriarch Calls on World to Reject Nuclear Power

The Fukushima nuclear facility

The Fukushima nuclear facility.


Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomaios has called on the world to reject nuclear energy, following the problems Japan has suffered with its reactors in the wake of Friday’s earthquake.

Vartholomaios, who has long campaigned for greater environmental awareness, said the world should turn to renewable energy sources.

“We propose the use of green forms of energy, which respect the environment and serve man’s needs sufficiently,” he said in a statement on Sunday.

“The Creator gave us the sun, the wind, the sea and the ocean’s waves, from which we can produce energy.”


  1. I think the first thing to ask right now is how the Japanese are doing and how can we help. We have many suffering brothers and sisters there – in fact, the Northeast of Japan is, generally, where Orthodox believers are better represented then elsewhere in the country.

    According to the updates from Fr. Clement Kodama, the dean of the Orthodox cathedral in Sendai (near the epicentre), Bishop of Sendai Seraphim (Tsujie) is unharmed, the Sendai cathedral remained generally intact, and the Triumph of Orthodoxy Sunday Liturgy has been celebrated. Glory to God! The Orthodox churches further inland are hoped to be in satisfactory condition, although communication is severely impaired. But the churches along the shoreline – which has been devastated – are a different matter. So far no word has come through about the Orthodox churches in Yamada, Sakari, Kesennuma and Ishinomaki. In one of the coastal towns there lives the elderly and infirm Fr. Basil. May God help them all! Please keep them in your prayers and contribute to the restoration efforts. It seems IOCC is preparing to join the relief work (

  2. Such a statement reflects poorly on the institution of the EP in both timing and politics. It is time to focus on the suffering people of Japan. Right now people matter. The question of nuclear power can be resolved in the future. We need less Green Patriarch right now.

    Might I suggest that His All Holiness loan the Gulfstream Jet he travels on to the people of Japan so that people with severe medical issues as well as Nuclear plant workers who have been exposed may be transported to areas where they can be cared for until order is restored.

  3. That is an empty seat if ever there was one.

  4. The Creator gave us the sun, the wind, the sea and the ocean’s waves, from which we can produce energy.

    I believe His All Holiness Bartholomew should rest assured that his concerns are addressed adequately by those in charge of nuclear power safety. In this particular case it is obvious that the ocean’s waves did most of the damage.
    The job of All His Holiness is to follow Christ and say: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”
    “If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

    There are several plausible hypotheses that could explain this unexplained phenomena and the similar previous ones.

    1. There is a hypothesis that the Sun’s X-flares are responsible for the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: solar flares cause Spaceqauke and Spacequake cases Earthquake. The Tsunami happened exactly after 24 hours Solar flare hit Earth.

    2. The nuclear georeactor hypothesis assumes that a natural nuclear reactor is operating at the center of the Earth. The frequent, but irregular polarity reversals of the geomagnetic field is explained by the Earth’s geomagnetic dynamo driven by nuclear fission energy. The irregularity of the polarity reversals have their origins in the intermittent nuclear reactor output.

    Some people claim that the activities of the distant nuclear reactor -the Sun-, and the georeactor -the Earth-, are correlated.

    3. Another hypothesis is that the earthquake has been caused by the Moon not by the Sun. Recently, I noticed at least twice that the Moon looks much bigger than I have ever saw it. This is explained by the so-called “moon illusion”. All I can tell is that I did not have this illusion before.
    4. Finally, some claim that these phenomena are the result of the activity of evil scientists.

  5. Fr. Johannes Jacobse :

    It’s unfortunate that Constantinople released this statement so early after the catastrophe. Japan is reeling and a word of encouragement and an exhortation to the world to help the stricken nation is needed first.

  6. This is unbelievably stupid. Why would a Patriarch say this? The anti-nuclear sentiment of the bogus ‘green’ aka ‘environmental’ movement is entirely anti-Christian … and anti-scientific.

    There is no great ‘radiation’ danger in these nuke plants. This is an economic disaster and not a health disaster, and anyone who understands nuclear science knows this completely. The media hype is pathetic … and obviously this Patriarch is all bought into that. The Creator made the sun? Yes, and what does he think the nuclear power is coming from? Wind turbines and wind mills are dark-age idiocy — the future is in nuclear fusion, fission, supranuclear energy. And in true Christian restoration of the world. This Patriarch is obviously working towards the opposite: along with antipope Benedict XVI, he’s incredibly suspect … and hardly ‘orthodox.’

  7. Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say there is NO great danger… Radiation: Risks and Realities (EPA)

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