“Orthodox background leaves Bulgaria and Romania at the tail of EU” – Social Scientist [VIDEO]

Source: Prime Time Russia Doctor Joachim Zweynert, from the Hamburg Institute of International Economics, spoke to RT about the transition performance of Bulgaria and Romania in relation to the issue of EU conditionality. “When the transition process started in the early 1990s, people, and especially social scientists, expected the countries in the region would quickly turn into … [Read more...]

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco “emphatically denies” support for California bill

The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco corrected the misleading press release put out by California Church Impact that claimed Orthodox support for a bill sexualizing science education in the California public schools. We thought the Metropolis was not aware their name was being misused in this way and once it was brought to their attention they clarified the record. STATEMENT … [Read more...]

Russian Orthodox Church to provide financial aid for women deciding against abortion

Source: Православие.Ru The Russian Orthodox Church will provide financial aide to women who had decided to abort their infants due to material need. The chairman of the Synodal information department of the Moscow Patriarchate, Vladimir Legoida, announced this intention on the program “A Holy Place” over “Komsomolskaya Pravda Radio.” “Based upon its experienced—and this has all been worked … [Read more...]

Ukraine sends Savior of Chernobyl icon to Japan

Kiev, April 5, Interfax - Donetsk department of Soyuz Chernobyl of Ukraine transferred Japan the icon of Chernobyl Savior. The ceremony was held in national opera and ballet theatre. Department head Evgeny Struzhko handed over the holy image to the director of the ballet school Terada Ballet Art School Michiko Terada, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church reported on its website. When the Chernobyl … [Read more...]

Met. Hilarion: Life is given for us to exercise in virtue

Homily on the Sunday of St. John Climacus, author of The Ladder of Divine Ascent. Source: Department for External Church Relations of the Russian Orthodox Church This book was written in the 7th century for the monks on Mount Sinai, but it is still relevant today. It presents the entire spiritual life of a Christian as a ladder of ascent to God. There are thirty stairs in it, … [Read more...]