Is America Becoming Europe?


Becoming Europe: Economic Decline, Culture, and How America Can Avoid a European Future Across the Atlantic, Americans see European economies faltering under enormous debt, overburdened welfare states, governments controlling close to fifty percent of the economy, high taxation, heavily regulated labor markets, aging populations, and large numbers of public sector workers. They also see a … [Read more...]

Catholic Online: An Orthodox Priest Reflects on the Retirement of Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict

Catholic Online published an essay I wrote on the abdication of Pope Benedict. Source: Catholic Online | By Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse NAPLES, FL. (Catholic Online) – Like almost everyone, the resignation of Pope Benedict came as a shock to Orthodox believers. Those of us who have watched Pope Benedict and his predecessor Pope John Paul II work to lessen the estrangement between the … [Read more...]

Fr. Andrew Damick – A Conversion Story: Leaving Westboro Baptist


Source: Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy | By Fr. Andrew Damick (KWCH Eyewitness News) They’re known worldwide as the group from Kansas that protests at soldiers’ funerals, and says God hates America because it allows homosexuality. Now, Westboro Baptist Church is reacting to the defection of a key member. “She just decided she did not want to obey God,” spokesman Steve Drain says. “She did not … [Read more...]

The Super Bowl and Morality

peter-preble new-thumb

- Source: Fr. Peter Preble Blog | By Fr. Peter Preble In my last post, I wrote about my favorite commercial from the Super Bowl, And God Made a Farmer. However, there were some pretty disturbing commercials as well as the entire half time show that I think needs to be addressed. Now I realize that each generation moves along a spectrum, and the previous generation does not always … [Read more...]

Acton Blog: Dunn, Oikonomia, and Assault Weapons: Misappropriating a Principle?


For better or for worse (probably better) discussion of Orthodox teaching to cultural issues and every day life takes place more often on public blogs than anywhere else. Some critics deride the development of a virtual public square but how does it differ from essays written on paper except that delivery is faster? Moreover, the quality of the writing is often good and sometimes excellent. … [Read more...]

Fr. Gregory Jensen – Canons and Guns: An Eastern Orthodox Response to a HuffPo Writer

Fr. Gregory Jensen

Source: Acton Institute Power Blog | Fr. Gregory Jensen Several of my friends on Facebook pages posted a link to David Dunn’s Huffington Post essay on gun control (An Eastern Orthodox Case for Banning Assault Weapons). As Dylan Pahman posted earlier today, Dunn, an Eastern Orthodox Christian, is to be commended for bringing the tradition of the Orthodox Church into conversation with … [Read more...]

Homosexual Marriage at the Dusk of Liberty


- By Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse To define homosexual coupling as marriage violates natural law. It takes one male and one female to create a child and constitute a family. A male-to-male or female-to-female coupling is naturally sterile; biologically closed to the creation of new life. A homosexual "family" then, is necessarily an artificial creation. Marriage is not a creation of the State; it … [Read more...]

Fr. Gregory Jensen: A Field Guide for the Hero’s Journey – Part 1 [Book Review]

Fr. Gregory Jensen

Source: Koinonia The Pursuit of Freedom & Wealth. Though both are good neither freedom nor wealth are morally sufficient ends in themselves for the human family. Like freedom, wealth is for something. Actually strictly speaking wealth and freedom are both in the service of human flourishing. In the Christian tradition this means that both human freedom and all the myriad forms that wealth … [Read more...]

Metropolitan Hilarion Blasts Anglicans for Renouncing the Faith

Metropolitan Hilarion

In a recent speech at Villanova University, Met. Hilarion (Alfeyev) of the Russian Orthodox Church said that dialogue between the Orthodox and Anglicans are under threat because of the abandonment of the Christian moral tradition by the Anglican communion. Orthodox and Anglicans find themselves "on different sides of the abyss which separate Christians of a traditional direction and Christians … [Read more...]

Tolerance is Not a Christian Virtue

Roman Catholic Apb. Chaput

- Hang on to your hat folks. The title does not say Christians should be intolerant. It says instead that tolerance is not an end itself but merely an important working principle in moral discourse and inquiry. Below is a summary of the point given by Abp. Chaput of the Roman Catholic Church. It is taken from a recent speech he gave back in 2009. He spoke to a Catholic audience thus the … [Read more...]

The America of 2013


America is in a very deep moral crisis. Source: American Thinker | Steve McCann Americans take great umbrage whenever they, as a society, are portrayed by the residents of other nations as self-centered, avaricious and overbearing. While an egregious exaggeration in the past, is it an accurate description now? Who are the American people today and what sort of country is the United … [Read more...]

Recreation of the Icon by Iconographer Lynette Hull


Re-creation of the Icon: Lynette Hull at TEDxCapeMay 2012 - Recreation and Re-creation" Lynette Hull is an American iconographer trained in the methods of fifteenth century Russian-Byzantine iconology. Since 2002, she has studied under master iconographer Vladislav Adrejev, founder of the Prosopon School of iconology. The Prosopon school, while committed to preserving the creative techniques … [Read more...]