“There’s Plenty of Freedom, But Little Truth”: Solzhenitsyn Remembered

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Source: Pravmir.com HT: Acton Blog Back when I was a college student I stumbled on Alexander Solzhenitsyn's "Harvard Address" in the library. I read it and knew immediately that Orthodox Christianity contained the spiritual depth I was looking for as a Christian. I had no real idea what Orthodox Christianity was and started reading up on it. I assumed too that Orthodox Churches existed only in … [Read more...]

The Twelve Days of Christmas


Orthodox Christians need to remain faithful to their traditions. In the Christian tradition of both east and west, the twelve days of Christmas refer to the period from Christmas Day to Theophany. The days leading up to Christmas were for preparation; a practice affirmed in the Orthodox tradition by the Christmas fast that runs from November 15 to Christmas day. The celebration of Christmas did … [Read more...]

Wesley J. Smith Analyzes the Election


Granted, the ideas expressed in Wesley J. Smith's commentary below are preliminary, but the (still to be developed) core of the essay is this: a large part of the last election dealt with cultural shift particularly how we understand of the individual and community. Yet, even formulating the problem in this way is incorrect because strictly speaking the individual does not exist. A person is … [Read more...]

Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk Congratulates Newly Appointed Archbishop of Canterbury


Below is the letter of congratulations written by Met. Hilarion of Volokolamsk to the Right. Rev. Justimn Welby, the elect Archbishop of Canterbury. The tone is cordial but the warning is inescapable: innovations in the Anglican communion has created a division in fraternal relations between the Anglicans and the Orthodox Church that threatens a permanent estrangement if not reversed. … [Read more...]

100,000 French Protestors Say No to Homosexual Marriage

"Yes to the family, no to homo-folly"

The re-engineering of French society by the ruling Socialist Party hits a speed bump. Thousands march against same-sex marriage bill Source: France 24 Opponents of a bill that would open up civil marriages and adoption to same-sex couples in France marched in the country’s main cities on Saturday to protest what they call a “major and dangerous upheaval”. Protesters took to … [Read more...]

The Orthodox Church – 1923 American Interview with Patriarch Tikhon

Patriarch Tikhon

Source: Alexander Palace Time Machine From "The Light of Russia" by Donald A. Lowrie (From a rare book published by the YMCA in Prague in 1923. Tikhon was murdered by the Communists soon after the book was published. - Bob Atchison) After the decision to restore the Patriarchate, the most important act of the Sobor was the election of the man to fill that office. In the midst of the … [Read more...]

Jacques Berlinerblau: Secular America Wins!


I could go through this article point by point and how how a materialist, non-sacramental worldview shapes how a person sees culture and politics. I am not going to do that. Instead, read through the article to understand how a person committed to radical secularism interprets the Obama victory. It's a revealing and, in its own way, honest article that illustrates the crisis and divide that … [Read more...]

Andrew Klavan: The Long Game


Source: City Journal | Andrew Klavan Three areas the Right should address, financially and intellectually Life is short, said Hippocrates, but art is long. There is a practical corollary to that great truth: elections are won and lost in the politics of the moment, but it’s the culture that makes the nation. In the aftermath of President Obama’s victory, conservative political thinkers … [Read more...]

Wesley J. Smith: Obamacare Lives


Source: National Review Online | Wesley J. Smith The people of the United States ensured an Obamacare future by apparently reelecting President Obama and maintaining a Democratic Senate. Here are the immediate consequences: 1. The IPAB will go into effect: As I have written, IPAB is the cornerstone of a planned bureaucratic state. The only way now to thwart that is pure obstructionism. First, … [Read more...]

The Collapse of the Christian Consensus?


I got caught short on this election. I thought Romney would win because of Obama's mismanagement of the economy and foreign policy. I never thought that people would vote against their own interests in the numbers that they did. Secondly, it was clear a cultural shift is occurring but I thought it would favor Romney much like Carter-Reagan in 1980 especially since the indicators mirrored that … [Read more...]

Russian Orthodox Bishop: Syrian Christians Facing ‘Extermination’


Over at the Acton Institute blog, John Couretas writes about his recent interview with Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations, about increasing Christian persecution around the world. One focus was the mid-east where the Western "Arab Spring" policy has in fact unleashed a torrent of persecution against … [Read more...]

Roman Catholic Bishop Orders Priests to Read Anti-Obama Letter at Sunday Sermons

Bishop Daniel Jenky

Roman Catholic Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria, Illinois sent a letter to his flock telling them that supporting politicians who support abortion reject Jesus. He also spoke against the HSS mandates that would compel the Catholic Church to adopt policies contrary to their moral teachings. Bp. Jenky wrote: Today, Catholic politicians, bureaucrats, and their electoral supporters who callously … [Read more...]