Millennials Should Read Solzhenitsyn

By Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote, “Socialism of any type leads to the destruction of the human spirit.” That premise, that truth, that touchstone, breaks the shackles that define economics as solely a materialist (and thus soulless) enterprise. Source: Acton Commentary The appeal of Bernie Sanders’ socialism is a puzzle to many, but it shouldn't be, not if we … [Read more...]

Russia and the West Have Swapped Spiritual and Cultural Roles

Editor's Note: Readers will argue about the author's positive assessment of Russian culture in this essay. Don't get caught up in that. Look instead at the descriptions of 'Democratic' West, particularly the spiritual exhaustion we face and our refusal to resist the culture of death that grows around us. Those are indisputable. Source: Russia Insider By Iben Thranholm Russians are … [Read more...]

Fr. John Peck on the Coming Underground Church [AUDIO]

Many are noticing that the church is moving underground in America in the wake of growing persecution. Adam Lowell Roberts, an ordained reader in the Orthodox Church, talks with Fr John Peck, a priest in Arizona who is preparing for the coming underground church in our modern society in some interesting ways. This is two part interview. These interviews come from the "Go Forth: Modern and … [Read more...]

Churches Must Oppose Female Conscription

Originally published in Crisis Magazine Fifty years ago, tens of thousands of young American men burned draft cards in public protests against the Vietnam War, while throngs of American women were burning certain items of clothing to encourage “women’s liberation.” If young women from 18 to 26 are compelled this summer by the U.S. Congress and president to register for … [Read more...]

Book Review: The Second Edition of “Collected Writings on Orthodox Christianity” is as Good as the First

By John G. Panagiotou Collected Writings on Orthodox Christianity: Various Aspects of Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches, George Alexander, OCP Publications: Kerala, India (Second Edition, June 2016). In this second edition of Collected Writings on Orthodox Christianity, editor and author George Alexander provides new content as good as the first. This compendium provides a … [Read more...]