Fr. Gregory Jensen: U. of Wisconsin Lets Hecklers Veto Conservatives, But Welcomes Anti-Christian Hate Group

Source: The Stream By Rev. Gregory Jensen Recently, the University of Wisconsin-Madison sponsored a public Q&A session with the punk rock band P***y Riot. The group is famous for staging anti-Putin protests in Russia. Unfortunately, they have vented their anger by desecrating Orthodox churches. The desecration involved the performance of a “punk prayer,” a song that … [Read more...]

“Apocalypse” Averted

By Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster In A Christmas Carol, a seasonal favorite that Charles Dickens wrote in 1843, the miserly misanthrope Ebenezer Scrooge is privileged, thanks to the silent, ominous Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come, to glimpse his miserable future and lonely demise. Before he turns to read the tombstone inscribed with his own name, Scrooge asks the specter with great … [Read more...]

In the Battle Between Life and Death, Whose Side are You On? [VIDEO]

Gianna Jessen is an abortion survivor. Gianna was speaking at Queen's Hall Parliament House in Victoria. Australia on the eve of the debate to decriminalize abortion in Victoria. This speech was given August 21, 2013. Men, you are made for greatness. You are made to stand up and be men. You are made to defend women and children, not to stand by when you know murder is occurring and do nothing … [Read more...]

Saving the American Republic

By Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster Benjamin Franklin, one of our nation's greatest founding fathers, was asked by a resident of Philadelphia after the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin replied famously, “A republic, if you can keep it.” In the wee hours of this morning, we … [Read more...]

Memo to Greek Orthodox Bishops: Stop Honoring Pro-Abortion Politicians

By Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse Giving the Patriarch Athenagoras Human Rights Award to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was a mistake. Cuomo is a defensive tackle for the abortion industry. He uses the power of the state and his bully pulpit to bulldoze anyone who dares defend the unborn. Gov. Cuomo also advocates for partial birth abortion through the ninth month of pregnancy. Maybe you didn't … [Read more...]