On my way to Baltimore

I’m sitting at the Fort Myers, FL airport, boarding just began so this has to be quick. Small layover in Detroit (the new airport I hope) and then on to Baltimore.

Preparing for the debate I read David Bentley Hart’s “Atheist Delusions.” EXCELLENT BOOK! MUST READ! I particularly appreciate his emphasis that the rise of Christianity was essentially a moral revolution. No need to political self-aggrandizement with this approach (his descriptions of Constantine and Arius for example are free of the political triumphalism and/or rant that accompanies so much of the popular narrative).

Got to run. Zone just got called.


  1. Father,

    What debate is taking place in Baltimore?

    – Tom

  2. Nancy Forderhase :

    As they say in show business, “break a leg!! All of us who know you are confident that you will be a formidible spokesman for the Faith, and I hope that your “performance” will be recorded for U-Tube. I’ve read Hart’s Atheist Delusions, but need a review if I can find it in my overloaded book shelves.

    See you in Florida in mid-December.

  3. Peter and Helen Evans :

    We will be among those cheering the side of God this evening, Fr. Hans.
    Our prayer is that you will be a winsome witness for the Truth that’s true whether it’s believed or not.

  4. Wesley J. Smith :

    Fr. bless: Please report on how it goes. If it is streamed or uploaded, would love to see.

  5. Well, I don’t know what do you mean about politcal triumphalism in regards to Arius? Constantine problem is that he was not the best informed person about theology. And late bapistims was a norm in his period than our period. He committed some heavy since he was a military and politcal leader and wanted to be bapitized closer to death since he couldn’t committed major sins, a believe of that time period. Also, St Augustine didn’t get bapitized until aged 30 and St Ambrose prior to becoming Bishop of Milan. Common in the 4th century to sometimes postpone bapitism. As historian Paul Maier, a protestant but an anicent historian one doesn’t have to take the view of Jacob Burckhardt that Constantine christianity was all political since unlike the modern era most people took a religous view in Constantine’s day and many people moved from a singular pantheistic view of God as the unconquerable Sun-Sol Invictus to the Christian God in the 4th Century. Constantine is no better or worst than Justinian later one whose actions were always christian like supporting a circus faction like the Blues to hold on to political power or maybe was behind the murder of Vitalian a political arrial of Justinian’s for the throne.


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