OCL and Abp. Demetrios discuss Episcopal Assembly

April 21, 2010 – A delegation from Orthodox Christian Laity met last week with His Eminence, Archbishop Demetrios at the headquarters of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in New York City, William Souvall, OCL President, announced today.

“The main reason for our visit was to inform His Eminence of OCL’s enthusiastic support for the upcoming Episcopal Assembly of all Orthodox bishops in North and Central America which will take place in New York in late May. We particularly wanted to express to the Archbishop the appreciation of OCL’s membership for his leadership in convening this unprecedented meeting and for the important responsibility he will assume as the chairman of the Assembly,” Mr. Souvall stated.

“Given the pressures of his schedule, the Archbishop was extremely generous with his time, giving several of us the opportunity to meet him for the first time and for others to renew old and valued relationships. Although the meeting covered a wide range of topics, the discussion focused on the Episcopal Assembly,” Mr. Souvall reported.

Mr. Souvall added that those in attendance “came away with the clear impression that the Archbishop is strongly committed to the success of the Assembly and views it as a unique chapter in the Church’s life in America. It was also an opportunity for us to convey the hopes and concerns that OCL members and others have for the Assembly and its implications for Orthodox Unity.”

As a tangible expression of OCL’s support for the Archbishop’s efforts and those of his brother hierarchs, Mr. Souvall presented a check for $20,000 from OCL members and friends to help underwrite the Assembly’s costs.

Members of the delegation accompanying Mr. Souvall, president, Salt Lake City, UT, were Peter J. Petkas, immediate past president, Houston, TX, Dr. William Tenet, advisory board member, NY, George Karcazes, executive board member, Chicago, IL, and George Matsoukas, executive director, West Palm Beach, FL. Also in attendance was Rev. Fr. Mark Arey, Ecumenical Office for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.

Contact: George Matsoukas, 877-585-0245, gmatsoukas@ocl.org


  1. Honestly, I don’t know what to make of OCL these days. They seem to have an identity crisis. In my opinion they seem unwilling to tackle serious moral issues with any clarity. I get no real sense of direction from them and this press release makes me wonder if they posed any tough question to +Demetrios at all. One of their more visible members was chief of staff to Senator Sarbanes so this makes me wonder what their model for American Orthodox leadership really is.

    BTW, OCL leaders, you should have given that money to the Archbishop with the express condition that it be used to defer the cost of broadcasting the proceedings to all America on the internet. Now that would have been leadership! Instead the money is probably going to cover pay per view movies and room service at the the hotel where the bishops are staying.

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